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  • Mac Jones.

  • You know what understated he's been.

  • Terrific.

  • He is executed brilliantly, and you have three of the top five vote getters in the Heisman Trophy race, which will be announced Tuesday night.

  • Jones through five incompletions and four touchdowns just under 300 Smith over 100 receiving in three scores.

  • Again, Nagy with 125 yards.

  • And you know you watch this and I think you forget.

  • Sometimes that may be their most dynamic weapon was Jaylen Waddle, and he lost it for the season and still see Steve Sarkisian's been able to find other toys and other tools to make the Alabama offense quick.

  • They lost to all Americans and ho hum.

  • They're going into the national championship game.

  • I spoke to start right before we got on set, my former coordinator at USC, and I said, What happened?

  • No.

  • 50 point game?

  • Are you in the doghouse of saving?

  • What's the deal?

  • He said, Bro.

  • We only ran 50 plays and Deng that reverse.

  • I hated that call, you know, So that's how competitive he is.

  • That's how much he wants to win.

  • And that's why his quarterbacks playing so well because he's instill that in him.

  • A nowhere to go with the ball.

  • Mac Jones.

  • 10 touchdowns, one interception on balls over 30 yards down the field.

  • That means he has the discernment and judgment of when to check it down and when he checks it down, It's not Jay Harris, man.

  • It ain't a bad deal, but and when he referenced not us that he wasn't athletic.

  • But he knows exactly what to do.

  • He will scramble at times, but that's the biggest thing.

  • Stark draws up the best place in the business, and he wants you to take a shot.

  • He wants to take advantage of coverage, but if it's not there, he'll just dump it down.

  • He'll be very patient and that Z I know that sounds like really simple.

  • I guess what you're supposed to do.

  • But you put up these numbers.

  • You want to go get more numbers and more numbers and make big plays.

  • He plays within himself the whole time.

  • He knows exactly who he is.

  • He told you who he was, and he wasn't really worried about it.

  • So it's unbelievable to watch this office.

  • I didn't think we'd see last year's offense again, like Joe Burrow and that kind of efficiency.

  • I mean, we're seeing it again, Right?

  • Alabama Impressive impressive thing about Mac Jones is he stated himself, I'm not very athletic, and but they do a tremendous job protecting this young man.

  • I mean, it's like he's never on the ground like I don't think they sent his jersey out.

  • Thio laundry.

  • Unless it's for sweat stains like no grass stains, everything he's never touched.

  • He's such a clean guy in the pocket and then he sits back there and just surveillance is the whole defense he got.

  • All these weapons like that are descended.

  • My man, Jalen Wada was my favorite player come into the 2020 season.

  • I picked him to win the Heisman.

  • I thought when he went down Oh, man, it's gonna be tough.

  • It's gonna be tough with Devante Smith.

  • They're gonna start rolling.

  • Coverage is his way.

  • You got John met you, the stepped up, all these other guys.

  • I mean, they have just a lot of receivers and so impressive performance.

  • But think about it.

  • This is who they are.

  • And they took the foot off the gas yesterday.

  • They know the game That's like, yeah, yeah, pretend they took the foot off the gas.

  • But this is who they are.

  • This is their M o.

  • Is there DNA?

  • Can't wait to see them play house there in the big one.

  • It was the first time out in two years they haven't scored 35 points and through it all, Notre Dame defense foot off the gas or not, which I agree with you.

  • They probably did best defensive performance against Alabama this year in terms of number of points, They held them Thio 31.

  • So you have Alabama, Ohio State for the national championship game.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube form or sports highlights and analysis.

Mac Jones.

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