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  • I want to talk about the impact of the mayor's broken promises, and you can see here one of the headlines that we all see every day.

  • This one comes from the independent, and you can see the title here.

  • Cuts to Children's services are pushing young people into violence and exploitation, the experts warn.

  • And the truth is this.

  • All of those broken promises that I just outlined the cuts to our community centers, the cuts to the funding in the youth, all the broken promises from the 2016.

  • They result in three things and increase in youth crime, higher youth, unemployment and a mental health crisis for our Children.

  • And I'm gonna show you how and again another one of the headlines that we see every single day and you can see this headline you can see it's wrong Priority City Con His culture budget doubles Why crime spirals and, of course, 30 more killed in London.

  • This again shows the wrong priorities of our mayor, uh, worrying about culture when you know we are seeing crime spiral.

  • But next we are seeing a market increase in youth crime.

  • And the truth is this Youth crime is up with a shocking rise.

  • We have to know that knife crime has gone up for every single year.

  • The mayor has been in office every single year.

  • I did an entire one episode one hour episode about this two weeks ago.

  • Every single year.

  • Violent crime going up, knife crime going up.

  • The current mayor has just recorded his 1/100 murdered teenager on his watch.

  • He just recorded his 100 murdered teenager on his watch.

  • 100 murdered teenagers under your current mayor's watch.

  • Unacceptable.

  • But it gets worse.

  • Youth re offending rates have increased 10% in London, up from 33% in 2006.

  • Toe 43%.

  • Now that's double that of England and Wales under his watch.

  • And it gets worse between 2012 and 2017.

  • The number of under 25 year olds who were killed increasing year on year since 2014.

  • So it's been increasing year on year, and the number of only 25 who were killed has doubled since 2014 doubled.

  • Last year, there were 135 killings in London killings, all on our mayor's watch, 30% of those crimes committed in London are by young people and they involve violence.

  • This has to be addressed now and we all know how to address it.

  • It's right in front of our faces.

  • It's right in front of our faces.

  • But let's go deeper.

  • Let's look at the higher youth unemployment because of our mayor's broken promises.

  • In the UK, we've seen 602,000 young people are unemployed in the last quarter.

  • That's an increase from 53,000 from the previous quarter and an increase of 101,000 from the year before.

  • This is the highest level of youth unemployment in the past five years.

  • And now unemployment in London is most prevalent amongst those aged from 16 to 24 the exact type of young person that we could have targeted if we hadn't have broken our promises and slash spending from our community services.

  • Lastly, I want to talk about mental health because this is a major crisis for our Children.

  • We all know this.

  • We're having a mental health crisis for our younger generation.

  • Thes air the Fax Mental health hospital admissions for younger people have increased 68% in 10 years, 68% increase and mental health hospital admissions in the past 10 years in London, one in 10 young people have a diagnosable mental health disorder.

  • One in 10.

  • That's that's preposterous.

  • And that's three in every school class that's more than 100,000 young people across London now have a diagnosed mental health disorder.

  • I wonder why.

  • And finally between one and 12 and one and 15 Children and young people now deliberately self harm on this is a real crisis.

  • It's also, unfortunately, a crisis along on on our our female younger generation and something that's very important.

  • That's something that I want to address.

  • This is a crisis, a crisis of mental health for our Children.

  • On this is all happening because of one reason.

  • This is the impact of your current mayor of London's broken promises.

  • And again, ah, community center isn't an extra.

  • It isn't a bonus.

  • It isn't a place where you could go have some fun.

  • It's a place that invests in our younger communities.

  • It's a place that prevents crime, and the truth is this.

  • Our current mayor of London doesn't care about our communities.

  • He doesn't care about our Children, and he never intended to keep his promises.

  • It's obvious to me that our current mayor of London doesn't care about our Children, and the question I have to you is how can we believe anything, he says.

  • My, my, my wife more Stop my wife, Mhm.

I want to talk about the impact of the mayor's broken promises, and you can see here one of the headlines that we all see every day.

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