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  • I gotta ask you guys and Marcus, I'll start with you.

  • Do you agree that outside of the Chiefs and maybe the Bills, the Ravens are the scariest team in the FC?

  • Yeah, and and and and it really doesn't have anything to do for me with the talent.

  • We understand the talent, The defense is phenomenal.

  • And then you see what Lamar Jackson is doing.

  • It's about the mentality for me, like we talked about this team coming into the playoffs being oh into.

  • But that was all for successful regular seasons.

  • They're playing in the playoffs right now, like the Ravens have been in the playoffs for the last three weeks and we've seen the switch gets flipped for this team and the way Lamar is playing and operating, and you're looking at what this team has had the ability to do, and I think it's going to bold well for these young players on this football team.

  • Like understanding, playoff football is a different animal.

  • Knowing that sense of urgency, understanding how important it is every single play for you to try to have success, they've been having to play that way and I think the experience of Lamar Jackson losing in the playoffs prior to the way they've been having to play down the stretch, understanding where they are, backs against the wall, that dog against everybody else mentality.

  • I think it's gonna bode well for him and Lamar Jackson.

  • It seems like Greg Roman, and this team has said Okay, our quarterback is the best player on the field outside of probably when Patrick Mahomes is on the field or Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen, That'll be, um comparable, comparable to what he's doing as far as what he's bringing to the team, but dynamic athleticism, the way he can flip a play into a positive that looks absolutely bad.

  • There's nothing like Lamar Jackson, and I think they're figuring that out, and they're having to play that way in order to have success, and I think that's gonna bode well for him going forward.

  • Jeff, let's talk about this, though.

  • This is a team that has, let's be honest, they have flopped in the playoffs.

  • Last year it was Oh, you know, they're gonna take it all the way.

  • No problem.

  • And they flopped.

  • So what do you think?

  • Are they the scariest team now?

  • Are they gonna turn this around if they make the playoffs?

  • No.

  • Listen, I love What's Wagyu saying about Lamar Jackson?

  • And Rex is obviously really excited about about the Ravens.

  • I will say they're probably the most difficult team to prepare for.

  • Who have they beat like Like likes Weiguo, saying they've been in the playoffs the last four or five weeks?

  • No, because they ain't played any playoff teams.

  • You know what I mean?

  • Like like you have tow beat playoff teams in the playoffs.

  • You know, this offense is really good when they have a lead and they've shown that right?

  • They can run the ball, figure that they can do all these things.

  • All that is impressive.

  • But at the end of the day, if they get behind, this is not a team that can come back and win.

  • That's gonna be the issue because whether you're chasing the Bills, the Chiefs, possibly even the Steelers, if those teams get up on you, it takes Baltimore completely out of their game.

  • If I could trust that Greg Roman and this Ravens offense would stay doing what they're doing and not get back to Hey, we got to make him a pocket passer.

  • We gotta We're gonna have to throw the ball to beat some teams, Whatever that looks like.

  • That's the part that I get concerned with.

  • I like the Ravens on defense.

  • I love them running the football.

  • I'm not sure they could go point for point against some of these A F C football teams, and that's a trouble spot.

  • Dan, how do you think this sets them up in the playoffs?

  • How do they look to you?

  • Well, they look better than they've looked all year, right?

  • And I think, you know, the defense should be able to get healthier on the back end here, going forward, which will help.

  • We've talked throughout the year about the problems they've had in the run game.

  • They had retirements and injuries on the offensive line, so that's taken some time to put back together.

  • But since that Cleveland game, that great Monday night game, they've looked like themselves, and I think that's what scares you.

  • If you're in the A F.

  • C because over the past couple of years, when the Ravens have been operating the way they want Thio, they've been this kind of you know, scary looking, bully type of team.

  • There is film on how to beat them in the playoffs from Tennessee last year from the Chargers the year before.

  • So it's not like, you know, there's some sort of dominant unit, but they likely learned from those experiences.

  • Sometimes those heartbreaking losses can come back and help you.

  • The next year you learn from them.

  • So I think they're a team toe watch for sure, assuming they get in because right now they're operating their offense the way they like to.

  • All right, a swagger.

  • Just a quick thing here.

  • Do you think this is a better team than last year's team?

  • No, I don't think the talent is the same, but I think the experience and the way they're going into this playoffs does better for them than they did last year.

  • Okay, all right, we'll see how that plays out for them.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

I gotta ask you guys and Marcus, I'll start with you.

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