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  • For almost 60 years, the Orange Bowl was played in a no frill city owned stadium, located not far from the bus depot on.

  • Since 1996 it has been played in an upscale home near a turnpike.

  • It isn't the granddaddy of them all, but it has heart.

  • It gives you a seat to field to goalposts and says, Go ahead, make some history And man has some beautiful history been made in this bowl game, braiding found and the Bear Roger Rocket and Royalty Atomic to, uh, going for two first ever national championship game.

  • Clemson won its first national championship here.

  • So did Osborne, Stoops and Schnellenberger.

  • It is here that Nemeth played his last college game and Parseghian coached his last Notre Dame game.

  • Ward Watson and Watson, Sims and Selma List goes on, and all long may be Orange Bowl, too.

  • So why not another little slice of history in the capital?

  • One Orange Bowl tonight?

  • Will you have guys who have won national championships squaring off against each other?

  • Only a half dozen active head coaches have won titles Mack Brown, 11 in Texas leading North Carolina, and he will face Jimbo Fisher, who won one at Florida State, now coaching Texas A and M.

  • Always a pleasure to talk to the head coach of the Aggies.

  • Jimbo Fisher.

  • Jimbo.

  • Glad to have you with us.

  • I know that there was some disappointment in Texas A and M quarters, not making the college football playoff.

  • How is your team?

  • Responded to that in preparation from North Carolina.

  • Been great.

  • We've had great practices and, you know, a diving announcement.

  • We're disappointed.

  • We had a meeting about 35 30 45 minutes afterwards, and guys were happy, excited.

  • We know where we're going to the Orange Bowl lined up and have had great practices and great enthusiasm since, in terms of what you feel like can be accomplished by winning this game.

  • What it would say about your season, what do you say is at stake for the Aggies?

  • I think you know you're talking about making yourself relevant.

  • You gotta be relevant international picture and be up there consistently and understand how to play in big time environments.

  • Big time games.

  • This is another step towards that way.

  • Had some great games in any sec.

  • You're always playing big games, but you're playing bowl games, you're playing a major New Year's six game the last time and it was here with 77 years ago.

  • And you know, it's a great accomplishment for these seniors and this whole team.

  • So just keep taking the next step forward in developing the culture in which we want in terms of doing that in developing the culture, How would you describe what Kellen Mond has meant to you?

  • Trying to establish your fingerprints and your culture at Texas A and M?

  • One thing you know, when you you have trials and tribulations and we didn't win as many as we wanted to in the beginning.

  • But he's he's grown.

  • His the development, his work ethic.

  • He set a tone for.

  • Our guys are old senior class as we just keep striving, don't know.

  • People doubt you.

  • People question your whatever it may be when you're young, you just keep playing and you persevere.

  • And they've all done that and that whole class.

  • Not just telling, but the whole senior class has done, and he's been there, will in the guise that's out front doing it.

  • But, you know, setting the culture for how you work and to set a tone for these young guys of what to expect.

  • Going in the future is sort of the nature of the beast in college football these days, North Carolina has a few dynamic players who won't play, but Sam Howell will being the quarterback guru that you are as you've watched him.

  • What are your impressions of Sam?

  • How?

  • Yes, I mean that guy is his arm is dynamic Hiss, feeder dynamic.

  • He's so athletic, he could make every throw in the field.

  • He understands big moments, and he's brought them back.

  • The thing is, his biggest game has come when they really needed it when they've been in shootout.

  • Those close games are not blow out games.

  • God plays big moments.

  • I think he's super town that could get the ball all over the field.

  • He's not only gonna have a great college career, he's gonna have a super pro career.

  • In my opinion, Jimbo is your team gets ready to take the field to wrap up this 2020 season.

  • What will be your final message to them, You know, to finish what you started listening, what these kids have in a year of this pandemic, social injustices, all the things that these guys have done and overcame and then to do it at the highest level.

  • I think there's great lessons to be learned for these guys for the rest of their life, about how they could persevere through things and still get their job done.

  • Still function in life and do the things they have to dio and do not let up.

  • Now hit the accelerator finish.

  • Leave this team with it with a great impression.

  • Leave the future guys here what to expect in the way we want to do things.

  • This is the standard in which we set and to go play your tails off.

  • Jim.

  • Oh, I know that since you've been there that you guys don't play Texas right now, but I'm sure Aggie Nation some of the fans have let you know they wouldn't mind a victory against Mack Brown.

  • Uh, way about this first game and Mac gets Texas A and M and we get back in that in that kind of ironic.

  • So you know, it's gonna be a great game.

  • Max done a tremendous job.

  • I mean, to get get North Carolina that quick there when he took that program over.

  • We're gonna have to have a heck of a game tonight should be a great ball game.

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For almost 60 years, the Orange Bowl was played in a no frill city owned stadium, located not far from the bus depot on.

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Jimbo Fisher on how Texas A&M has prepared for North Carolina in the Orange Bowl | CFB on ESPN

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