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  • Here's the thing.

  • This Bills team is on fire right now.

  • And, Jeff, I have to ask you how serious of a threat are the bills to the Chiefs right now.

  • What is the biggest threat in the A F.

  • C.

  • When you when you look at this team and the balance that they have, I think this team is scary.

  • I mean, you looked at Josh Allen last night, and I would say the way that they beat the Patriots was probably the most impressive.

  • You know, you think about Belichick and what he wants to do.

  • He wants to take away your number one option, which is Stefon Diggs.

  • Well, they couldn't do that.

  • And that's a lot of you know.

  • A lot of that goes back, Alan, Like the throw on the touchdown that we saw right here, where Digs is taking this thing yard, an incredible throat and the role that when he boots out and throws it in the corner of the end zone, Very Mahomes esque.

  • So when you talk about beating a Bill Belichick team, throwing it away the way they did, it was a very impressive victory again, I think you know the Patriots were inept on offense.

  • No, no real challenge toe win.

  • But ultimately, the way the bills beat them was very impressive, in my opinion.

  • Yeah.

  • Marcus, what was your reaction to this win?

  • This incredible win by the Bills?

  • Yeah.

  • Look, you look at this team and you ask yourself, especially when we're talking about the chief in context.

  • You ask yourself, Can this team put up 40 if need be right?

  • We saw the Chiefs lose one.

  • It took 40.

  • Andi, I know what people are saying.

  • What?

  • The Chiefs have been struck.

  • The Chiefs do what they need to do to win games.

  • And if you look at Buffalo and how they're built, they're built toe have that same type of success.

  • I love the aggressive nature to of Sean McDermott.

  • I love the fake punt.

  • I love the fact that they're like that Brand, a bold offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills, are allowing, um, Josh Allen to do what he does.

  • But like you see here on the fate, these are the things that you need in order to beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • The one other thing that was impressive last night, Ryan and guys is that Buffalo never took their foot off the gas.

  • And that's one big thing you need in order to beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • They're playing with uber confidence.

  • You see it happening on the defense side of the ball, and I don't think that side of the ball gets mentioned enough because of the success they've had offensively.

  • But you look at your Davey is white, poor year.

  • All of those guys in their secondary, Those are the guys that you need against Patrick Mahomes in that squad.

  • Buffalo Bills look really complete, and they look like they can compete against the Chiefs and Dan Graziano.

  • I think at the beginning of this season, I don't think we ever thought we'd be talking about the Patriots as an afterthought as a complete afterthought.

  • This year has been terrible for them, and I have tow have to think maybe this is an end of an era, or do you think it's an end of an era here for the Patriots?

  • In terms of their run of success all these years, they're gonna have to turn things around.

  • You have to figure out the quarterback position this off season what they do.

  • They're like the Bills are much better positioned right now and for the future.

  • And actually, you could make a case that the Miami Dolphins are as well.

  • But you know, you don't want to necessarily count Bill Belichick out.

  • Obviously, he's got He's had more success than anyone's ever had.

  • Eso you would have faith in his ability to get things turned around, but he has to.

  • I mean, right now the Bills are the much better team.

  • They beat them twice this year, by the way, they beat them two different ways.

  • I was at the first game in Buffalo, where they only through it 18 times and ran it 38 beat the Patriots.

  • And then last night, you know, they throw it 40 times, so there could beach.

  • Either way.

  • They're like, you know, the Bruce Areas wants to say the Buccaneers could do whatever they want, the Bills or the team that looks like they could dio whatever they want.

  • And right now, last night I was watching a team and a franchise take out 20 years worth of frustration on the team that has kicked it around for so long and it's a changing of the guard.

  • There's no question about that, Jeff.

  • What do you think?

  • A little overstated.

  • Listen, I heard us talk about it last night.

  • Bill Belichick still knows how to coach.

  • Josh McDaniels still knows how to coach.

  • All right, Like they got to get the quarterback situation figured out.

  • I understand, but eight opt outs.

  • Think about how many of the defense of guys are not there when those guys get back.

  • You know Hightower Chung like you name it like this team will be back in the mix to just act like the Bills or the Dolphins gonna walk through this division.

  • Bill Belichick will find a way to get his team back and competitive.

  • I would not write them off.

  • I would not make.

  • I would not hit the panic button quite yet.

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Here's the thing.

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'This team is scary!' - Jeff Saturday calls the Bills a real threat to the Chiefs | Get Up

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