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  • Here's why.

  • This intrigue does we look back in the history of the NFL.

  • We could not remember a time where you had this starter reliever situation on a football team, not to mention a playoff football team.

  • Not to mention a team where you're saying this is our future quarterback here and we're gonna take him out when he should be.

  • When maybe he should be learning in the game.

  • And we're gonna put in this other guy who is so selfless and sort of winning these games for them.

  • I just want to ask you and I'll start with you.

  • Jeff, can this two quarterback system keep working?

  • Despite the fact that we haven't seen something like this in the past?

  • Absolutely.

  • It can keep working.

  • Look, I mean, you know, I hear the term reliever.

  • I'm gonna go a step further.

  • Fitzpatrick is the closer.

  • You remember the movie Major league Charlie Sheen playing Rick Vaughn right here, like wild thing.

  • You would come out to the music and hairs off, you know, coming back.

  • He's got the glasses with the skull and crossbones right there.

  • You know what I mean?

  • And he's coming in giving the gas baby like that's It's magic, right?

  • The problem is, it could be fits tragic as well, so you don't know what you get.

  • It is true wild thing, but but I love it.

  • Listen, I think you know, from the team's perspective, they drafted to a for certain role.

  • He is their starter.

  • He is their guy.

  • But if it waivers, you know Floor isn't afraid to bring in Fitzpatrick to help win games that speaks to the locker room.

  • Hey, man, it's not just about developing players.

  • It's about winning football games.

  • I love the mentality.

  • I think it's.

  • I think it's appreciated by by other players for what the way to handles it, because he's strong with it.

  • But I love what they're doing and you talk about how to handle that.

  • Donna, I think about the idea of remember in baseball when Tampa Bay started going with the opener and everybody started copying them.

  • Is there something about this situation that makes it work or is there something to say?

  • Hey, this could work elsewhere.

  • There's something about these two guys that make this work, Yeah, three guys because you add Flores on the two guys that are the quarterbacks?

  • Yes.

  • Unique individuals that are equipped, obviously.

  • You know, psychologically.

  • Emotionally.

  • Toe.

  • Handle it.

  • Look to it.

  • You're our guy.

  • We drafted you, Number five.

  • You're gonna be the starter here.

  • But you're a rookie.

  • They have growing pains.

  • Sometimes we may need to get you out of a situation that isn't great for you.

  • It takes guts.

  • And, uh, and and good coaching as we talked about by Flores to do it.

  • And it takes two guys who have the mentality that Ryan Fitzpatrick and to a have to pull this off, it wouldn't work if you had.

  • I don't know.

  • Aaron Rodgers and Dwayne Haskins.

  • I don't know.

  • Just to pick a couple of names that are in the news.

  • Okay.

  • So, Marcus, how long does it work?

  • How long do you think they can keep this going?

  • Not long.

  • I mean it.

  • It works for this year, but the context is important, right?

  • Like we're in 2020.

  • Damn, it ain't nothing conventional.

  • Ain't nothing going the way it's supposed to go.

  • I don't like the fact that I can't congregate with more than 20 people without wearing a damn mask.

  • I don't like it, but I'm gonna wear the mask.

  • That's just like Bryan Flores.

  • I'm sure he don't like playing two and Fitzpatrick, but he's going to play them because that's what you have to do in 2020.

  • Look, we also got to remember, Ah, shorten offseason, a rookie quarterback in situations that may not be conducive to him having success.

  • And Flores is pushing the right buttons.

  • They winning, and that is all that matters in this league.

  • Now we'll deal with all of the stuff going forward later, but for right now is working, and I legit little Bryan Flores for being able to do it is 2020.

  • Don't tell me a damn thing about being conventional, and I have to imagine it's buying points with the team, both in terms of Fitzpatrick and to, uh, because they're going along with this in the midst of a playoff race.

  • And guys, they're saying we want to make the playoffs.

  • Thes guys getting along could be better for our chemistry in the locker room.

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Here's why.

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