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  • Chris.

  • I'll start with you there in the building.

  • Ohio State winning Not a shock, but the manner in which they did.

  • I think it certainly opens the eyes.

  • What was most surprising from your vantage point, by the way they turn things around in the second quarter.

  • Scott, you mentioned it.

  • If you're an Ohio State fan, you saw the way Laurence marks the ball down the field.

  • They scored quickly, and you know the vulnerability of that past if enter thing and, oh, this could be a long night.

  • But the defense settled in.

  • And then when Fields took that shot from Scouse Key, who was ejected and came back after missing one plate, delivered the strike to a lobby, it began the narrative.

  • I think it's one of the gutsiest, toughest performances and highest level performances I've seen in the history of covering this sport in 3.5 decades.

  • This performance, regardless of what happens next game, will live forever.

  • I think in the memories of the people who watch it.

  • It was that good and it was also a complete team performance.

  • He wasn't a one man team sermon was great.

  • The offensive line was great, and the defensive front was was good enough to give Lawrence a lot of trouble tonight.

  • So a total team effort they hadn't come close to approaching that all season.

  • Herbie.

  • It's exceptionally rare that the Ohio State Buckeyes can play the disrespect card, but they had it in their back pocket in this one, and it certainly seems that it fueled them and that they played it.

  • You'd know how much it meant to them.

  • How would you frame that?

  • Well, typically Ohio Ohio State fans.

  • We use Ohio verse.

  • The world.

  • You've seen that whether it's been when LeBron was with the Cavs or Ohio State's playing a game, they feel disrespected all the time.

  • This is a time with a team actually felt disrespected, that they were going to go out there, and I should just say it.

  • Disrespect, I think, was just in the last week or so.

  • With Dubow in the ranking, this had to do with pain.

  • Walking off that field a year ago, how they felt as a unit, they felt as a unit they felt they outplayed Clemson.

  • They didn't convert the red zone.

  • They had a few calls, not go their way.

  • And they had to hold on to that loss when they felt they had a better team.

  • So they that's what really the the driving force that allowed them to get back to this moment.

  • They wanted another chance at Clemson.

  • They got that chance many didn't think they could win on.

  • Then.

  • That added to the fuel in the fire that they approached this game with Gentlemen.

  • I'd love a quick thought from both of you on what we will get next.

  • And it's a treat.

  • Alabama, Ohio State, as we just explained.

  • Incredible high power on on the offensive side of both and Chris.

  • If you just give me your first started, then Herbert, you could follow it up.

  • What we're gonna see.

  • Well, Ohio State's got another tough assignment on defense.

  • I mean, what is it?

  • 25 straight for Obama scoring, 35 plus Smith, Jones, Harris.

  • The triplets are tough to stop.

  • If you haven't seen Ohio safely, this kind of defensive woman tonight, you wouldn't like their chances, but they'll need to do that again.

  • And Fields has to be this brilliant again.

  • You don't beat Alabama without a transcendent quarterback performance.

  • I think the battle of the line of scrimmage is what I'm already looking forward to.

  • The Ohio State defensive line.

  • Incredibly underrated.

  • Across the board, the linebacker play is very physical and very experienced.

  • How they match up against SAARC's offense, Mac Jones.

  • Way he can dial it up, throwing Najee Harris behind him.

  • And then I think Justin Fields, Chris just touched on it.

  • I don't you know, this was a legendary performance, but I think in his own mind, he's capable of doing this every time he takes the field.

  • So Ryan Day on Ohio State, Sark for Alabama.

  • And you know about Nick Saban?

  • Of course.

  • So this will be a it'll be.

  • Get the Ohio against the world shirt out again because you're gonna be hearing a lot about Alabama in the SEC leading up to this game.

  • Well, fellas, the technical challenges tonight were significant, but you guys are so good as always.

  • We look forward to call Miami, Herbie, Uh, rest well, get better.

  • And we look forward to seeing you boys soon.

  • Okay.

  • Thank you, Scotty.

  • You Well, all right.

  • See you, Scotty.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.


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Justin Fields delivered a historic performance vs. Clemson – Chris Fowler | SC with SVP

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