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  • the New England Patriots and Jeff and Marcus.

  • I want to ask you about this.

  • I think it's because we are used to seeing them so successful for so many years.

  • So Jeff Saturday, I ask you, what should the Patriots do to try to right this ship and return to the top of the A F C.

  • Let 2020 end, like get our A.

  • That's what that's what they're hoping, right?

  • Can't fast enough.

  • I could tell you last night with, like, I'm ready that he's gonna load up the truck first, Man.

  • He's ready for this year to end now.

  • In all seriousness, though, they need to address the quarterback position.

  • I mean, it's it's a glaring issue.

  • Cam Newton has not play to the level he wanted to play at.

  • The Patriots definitely aren't happy with the level that he's played at.

  • But But let's not forget man Bill Belichick, Josh McDaniels.

  • This whole staff knows how to coach football when their team comes back next year, and they get all the eight opt out guys back.

  • They addressed their quarterback position.

  • I'm assuming in free agency this is still a team to be reckoned with, don't hit the panic button on the Patriots.

  • Like, let's be real careful that we're just gonna act like the Bills and the Dolphins gonna run through the A F C East the next 10 years.

  • It was 20 years of dominance.

  • Bill Belichick is just going to relinquish that and let everybody else walk on their happy way.

  • He's gonna find a way to right this ship guaranteed.

  • Okay, Marcus, what do you think?

  • Listen, I'm in the same vein with Jeff Saturday.

  • The bottom line is this, like, for as much credit and this This is why I've always said like, as greatest coaches are and I don't wanna knock that down any level as great as coaches are, and as much as you need good coaching, you could coach your butt off.

  • If you don't have the players, you just might as well coached to the dash wall.

  • And that's what the New England Patriots ran into this year.

  • Listen, for all intents and purposes, that that six and nine football team now that we saw play last night, could easily be a two and 14 team.

  • But because of coaching, they were able to create some things and get some things going in some of these games in order to squeak out some wins, they play in Kansas City.

  • Tough.

  • It went down with Buffalo, the first game Cam Newton fumble or they might win that game.

  • So listen to Jeff's point, Bill Belichick, or get it right.

  • The confidence is still there in this coaching staff.

  • They need to address the quarterback position Right now, they do not have a quarterback on the roster that I feel like they can win with and have success against what Buffalo and Miami is doing.

  • If they could get that part figured out and get the op dials back, we'll see New England right back in it.

  • We'll see them being able to create things to help them win games and put teams in a bad way.

  • And let's not forget y'all like this is Bill Belichick.

  • Everybody keep talking about missing in the draft.

  • Well, he damn sure gone missing free agency much because this team has won a lot of Super Bowls because of free agents coming over.

  • So I'm sure he'll be super active as the season goes along.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

the New England Patriots and Jeff and Marcus.

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