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  • all right back to the college football playoffs.

  • Once in the discussion for the number one pick, the number one overall pick in 2021 Justin Fields is now the third ranked quarterback on Todd McShay is Big board behind Trevor Lawrence and BYU.

  • Zach Wilson, we mentioned earlier Fields, is gonna take on the Clemson team that lead the nation in defensive efficiency, not the best set up for him.

  • The difference, By the way, between Justin Fields first three games this season and his last three folks, it start His Q b R dropped out over 20 points.

  • His completion percentage fell nearly 30 points, and he has five picks in his last three games after being spotless in his first three.

  • Not the kind of trending you wanna have coming to the end of the season.

  • So, Mark, it just seems that Justin Field stock is falling.

  • What's at stake for him tomorrow night against Clemson?

  • Well, listen, it's a huge game.

  • There's no doubt about it.

  • There's no hiding from it, but he's ready to embrace that, talking to Coach Day, talking to people familiar with the program.

  • They know he's ready to play and we got to keep in mind.

  • I mean, we can't just judge his entire draft stock on a couple games now, looking up some huge stats that himbo hooked me up with.

  • But in 20 games at Ohio State, he's had one game under a 70 q b r.

  • And that was against Northwestern.

  • Had a couple unfortunate errors.

  • Has a miscommunication with the wide receiver right here.

  • There's an interception, and then, uh, this is against Indiana, but still, he's had, uh, let's see, 25 years of college football.

  • Let's talk about the last 25 years.

  • One quarterback has had a better touchdown to interception ratio, then Justin Fields, and that's to a tongue about law.

  • So let's not get caught up in Justin Fields is just a turnover machine or something in some of these clips to you see him running with the ball, nobody can tackle this kid.

  • He's so explosive.

  • He's had a couple rough games.

  • Ah, couple bad throws in a couple of bad decisions and that's about it.

  • But teams they're gonna fall in love with him.

  • And let's not forget how the draft works.

  • All you need is one team to fall in love with you.

  • And I guarantee there's one of those teams in the top five who needs a quarterback is gonna fall in love with this kid with in T shirt and a T shirt and shorts.

  • He's gonna be working out for all these teams.

  • They're just gonna be blown away with his leadership ability with his interview process and the way he goes out and swings it around on the field.

  • I think he's gonna be just fine.

  • And I think he has a good performance tomorrow night.

  • Okay, But I have to ask you this.

  • I'm gonna move on to the game in a second.

  • But I have to ask you, You've been through this process.

  • You know what the draft is like and we talk all the time on this show.

  • Timing is everything not going well formed right now?

  • How much do NFL teams forget about all the stuff you mentioned and look at the last couple games, especially if he doesn't do great in this game and say, Well, this is the book on him.

  • The last couple games we've seen.

  • Of course, there'll be a little recency bias if he goes out and lays a complete egg throws three interceptions or something and they lose big.

  • Yeah, of course, that's gonna leave a bad taste in everybody's mouth, but at the end of the day, you gotta evaluate him with his whole body of work.

  • You're gonna take this, get everybody's gonna be poking and prodding this kid like a poor lab rat.

  • That's essentially what the draft is.

  • But they're going to see him down to his underwear on a stage and be blown away with what his body type looks like with his interview.

  • The way he interviews.

  • Let's not forget he was the voice of the Big 10.

  • He essentially brought back football in the Big 10.

  • So this kids ready to take on an NFL locker room?

  • I think he has the intangibles.

  • I think he is the total package, and he's had a rough couple games.

  • So whatever happens tomorrow night, I think he does find sure it could adjust his draft stock a little bit here there.

  • But he's gonna be just fine.

  • This kid's a baller.

  • So how do you think Ohio State's run game impacts this game in fields performance In it?

  • Well, That's one of the most important things.

  • They got to get their zone run game rolling and they got to do it early.

  • They got to do it often, and it has to keep them on track.

  • And the threat of him running the threat of trey sermon running.

  • I mean, you see defenders from Northwestern jumping out of the way because nobody wants to tackle these running backs, whether it's Master Teague or Trey sermon.

  • But that's who they are.

  • That's who Ryan Day is as a coordinator and it's the zone run game.

  • Distort the defense's read and then cut the defense in half.

  • Open up the backside cutback lanes for the running back, and these guys will be off to the races.

  • But it's a tall task against a very good front, Uh, in a tough defense and Brent Venables and the Clemson Tigers, Okay, got a little bit more time left in the early game.

  • Notre Dame's gonna be up against that prolific Alabama offense you played under Steve Sarkeesian, who runs it.

  • What most impresses you about his group?

  • Well, code Sarkeesian is in a similar situation to when he was at USC with Reggie Bush, Linda White, Dwayne Jarrett, Steve Smith.

  • He's got all the options.

  • They have a three headed monster and Najee Harris, DeVante Smith and Mac Jones.

  • The most important thing that Sarkisian's told me in the last month or so is he has a quarterback.

  • He contrast when they call the shots.

  • That doesn't mean he's gonna take the shot.

  • He has no problem throwing the ball away, checking it down, taking a snack and then keeping this team on track So they love Mac Jones.

  • They love his decision making ability.

  • This is a tough team to stop.

  • When they get their play action game going, it's on.

  • They'll take deep shots over the field and they'll break your back on defense.

all right back to the college football playoffs.

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