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  • if Cam is not the starter for the Patriots next year, you know there's a lot of things to consider.

  • But if he's not, who should the Patriots go after as their starter?

  • Don't be concerned.

  • Yeah, I think the first guy on that list should be Matthew Stafford.

  • Like, I think he's a guy that might be available for a trade because that team seems to He seemed to be coming towards the twilight of his career.

  • And that team is not, Ah, few players here.

  • They're away.

  • They need to trade him away and try to acquire some draft capital to start to rebuild this team.

  • They're likely gonna have a new GM and head coach, um, pretty soon and that group could come in and move on.

  • And Matt Stafford is the best option.

  • Um, but you would have to get a trade, and I don't know.

  • I do know how much the Patriots appreciate and value those those draft picks, so we'll see what happens if they're able toe trade somebody away to make trade.

  • Something's a way to get that, but other than that, I'm not sure that there's anybody who's.

  • I know that there's nobody who's on Matt staffers level that I think is gonna come up next year.

  • Maybe Matt Ryan.

  • Sam Darnell's obviously several steps below those two guys.

  • Maybe Matt Ryan.

  • But I think Matt Stafford is the best possible option.

  • Yeah, I 100 percent agree with Dominique, which is wild, considering the morning we've had together.

  • Um, but I think that, but Bill talked about leveraging the future.

  • You know, He's had to, you know, push all those chips in for the Super Bowl we had.

  • You know, this is the result.

  • This is not a team that can win with a young guy build.

  • It's 68 years old.

  • I don't Bill can do all things, but he's getting up there.

  • He's running out of time to win Super Bowls.

  • Um, this roster is not built for a young kid, a kid out of the draft.

  • Or, you know, some kids to come in and try Thio win games with this roster.

  • They need a veteran guy.

  • I think Stafford is the perfect option if it works a Matt Ryan, but again, with veteran Cubes who are proven they cost money.

  • You know, um and that's the tricky thing.

  • You see a lot of these teams that try to win with these young quarterbacks because they have those those windows that they can work with because the money all works.

  • When you get past that, these veterans, they cost a lot.

  • And you got to give up capital to get him.

  • Yeah, and and Bill had the good fortune of Tom Brady being willing to take less his entire career.

  • You're not gonna You may not get that with the next guy.

  • You had it with Cam Newton, but they're also not.

  • It doesn't feel like their quarterback away.

  • So I know that quarterbacks are gonna be especially guys like Matt Stafford.

  • He's gonna be looking toe win a Super Bowl.

  • So I think he might be willing to take a pay cut, But I'm not sure he's gonna look at that roster and feel like that's where he could go and win a Super Bowl.

  • He might look somewhere else, so they're not as attractive as they once were.

  • And I think that it's not that Cam Newton.

  • I thought Cam Newton was the perfect quarterback for this situation last year because Cam Newton is kind of made a career of carrying an offense and having offense and be the best rusher and also not having a ton of great weapons all the time.

  • And I thought that if anybody could fix it, he could.

  • He couldn't turn back the clock to that particular Cam Newton.

  • So, as much as good as Matt Stafford is, and as good as he is, look, this season he's had some injury concerns.

  • I'm not sure that No, no, no, I'm not sure he can.

  • He's not the guy that could put the team on his back there.

  • Only a few of those guys in the league, and they don't come available often.

  • So the job is not just to find a quarterback, it's gonna be ableto.

  • It's gonna be also to find the guys to put around that quarterback and their defense to get better.

  • If the covert opt outs that happened this year happened to opt in and Bill Belichick and have, ah, full offseason.

  • But that offense is not a quarterback away as much as we wanna be down on Cam Newton and deservedly so, it seemed like he was laboring every time he tried to throw the ball or run the ball this season, so he deserves the criticism.

  • But it's not all on him.

  • He's not the reason why the offense is broken.

  • There are a lot of holes in that offense.

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if Cam is not the starter for the Patriots next year, you know there's a lot of things to consider.

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