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  • Right now, we're focusing on what I think is gonna be the M V.

  • P.

  • Of the league this year is Aaron Rodgers, and I think this year's playoffs might be the most important and consequential in his career because he's already gonna be a Hall of Fame quarterback.

  • But once you get into that echelon of player, we start comparing you guys on unfair criteria criteria, frankly, and he only has one Super Bowl win.

  • And for him to surpass or be considered as great as guys like Peyton Manning and John Elway, he's gonna have to get that second career Super Bowl win.

  • And I think this win would even put him ahead of Manning and Elway, because at the end of their careers, they were frankly riding on other things other than their own arm talent.

  • You think about Elway's two Super Bowls?

  • Those were Terrell Davis and Super Bowls more than John Elway's.

  • You think about Peyton Manning second Super Bowl.

  • I mean, he hurt that team more than he helped that team throughout that playoff run, honestly, and in that Super Bowl, that defense and von Miller was the reason why they wanted Super Bowl So if Aaron Rodgers could take his team through this through this season, when the M V p, and then when the Super Bowl and also win the Super Bowl M V P.

  • Very few players can do that, especially at this point in their career and then the final cherry on top.

  • To really make this the season of Aaron Rodgers is if he gets the face off against Patrick Mahomes, the young kid who's only been a starter for two seasons and is already considered by some better than Aaron Rodgers and having had had a better career than Aaron Rodgers.

  • At this point, we don't talk about Aaron Rodgers the same way that we used to, in part because Aaron Rodgers play waned a little bit, despite the fact that he's come back this year but also in part because we look at Patrick Mahomes every week.

  • That's doing the type of things that Aaron Rodgers used to dio.

  • He's doing them regularly and more often honestly.

  • So I think this playoffs could be incredible, especially if it ends with Aaron Rodgers over Patrick Mahomes and Tampa Bay.

  • Short would be an incredible story line, especially with the way I think many people are descend Aaron Rodgers before this season.

  • Lewis wanna bring you in to react?

  • Yeah, look, I think Aaron Rodgers legacy has already cemented, but I think you know Dominique is onto something.

  • Here is Faras.

  • It could be elevated.

  • It could really be kind of like cast in gold and platinum if this year he is able to go ahead and carry his football team to the Super Bowl.

  • Face off in what would be an epic Super Bowl under the most unique conditions we've ever seen in the history of the NFL, with the pandemic and face off against potentially Patrick Mahomes or the Buffalo Bills, or whoever comes out of the A F C.

  • How whoever comes out of a if he's gonna be spectacular.

  • But I think for him to go to the Super Bowl for Aaron to carry this football team, this generation of this football team to the Super Bowl and toe win it.

  • And if he is also able to go ahead and win the M V p of the regular season as well, and then potentially be M V p of of the Super Bowl, there's just no doubt I don't care what happened last year.

  • I don't care the fact that he had only won one Super Bowl prior to this, he would be in the conversation, especially for one season of being one of the greatest quarterbacks ever played this game if he's not already, which obviously he is.

  • But, yeah, this could his legacy elevating type of seasons and playoff runs for him, No question about it.

  • I couldn't agree more.

  • He'd be in that conversation, if not better, than those guys think about that.

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Right now, we're focusing on what I think is gonna be the M V.

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This season's playoffs are the most important of Aaron Rodgers' career - Domonique Foxworth | Get Up

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