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  • Becky Hammond put another crack in the glass ceiling.

  • She did so by becoming the first woman to act as a head coach during an n B a regular season game.

  • It happened when she had to fill in for Gregg Popovich after he was ejected in the first half of the Spurs, won, 21 107 Lost to the Lakers.

  • Here's Hammond on the night that will go down in pro sports history.

  • It's a big deal.

  • Um, it's It's a substantial moment.

  • Um, you know, I've been a part of this organization.

  • I got traded here in 2007, so I have a lot of time invested and they have a lot of time invested in me.

  • Honestly, in the moment I was just trying to win the game.

  • I I say this a lot, but I try not to think about the huge picture and the huge aspect of it, because it can get overwhelming, obviously, what she did as a player.

  • First of all, we all know that.

  • And so in her mind, I was able to transform transfer Thio over to our league, and she's been great ever since she got in is a You know, it's a beautiful thing just to hear barking out calls, barking out sets.

  • You know, she's very passionate about the game, so, you know.

  • Congrats, Thio.

  • Congrats for lead LeBron, one of the many congratulating Hammond, who has been waiting for this moment for a long time, as she mentioned.

  • She started with the Spurs back in 2014, becoming the first full time female assistant coach in N B A history.

  • She's coaches first, three different years in the summer league, winning the 2015 championship.

  • Other teams have taken notice, interviewing her for open head coaching jobs, notably the Bucks in 2018 and the Pacers earlier this year.

  • And yesterday she became the first woman to serve as head coach in an n B A game.

  • Matt Becky Hammon.

  • Not the only one making history in last night's first Lakers matchup.

  • They call him King James for a reason.

  • Yep, because the King himself, of course, celebrating his 36th birthday empire.

  • Until last night, LeBron had scored 10 points and 999 straight games.

  • He was looking to be the first person in NBA history to reach 1000 straight in the second quarter.

  • They were up by seven LeBron with nine points.

  • And there it is.

  • His 1002 games scoring at least 10 points now five seconds left in the half.

  • Lakers up five LeBron drives through three Spurs defenders.

  • He had 17 points in the first half, led by 10 at the break and just over two minutes left in the game.

  • Contagious Kabul Pope.

  • He grabs that, but does he find LeBron James known for the dunk?

  • LeBron finishing with 26 8 on his birthday, the Lakers with a 1 21 107 win here.

  • He's handing a young girl in the Stances bracelet.

  • Now.

  • The last time LeBron didn't score double digits was back in January 2007.

  • None of the players who played in that game are in the league anymore.

  • LeBron's 1000 game double digit streak is the longest in NBA history.

  • The next closest players are Hall of Famers Michael Jordan at 866 Kareem Abdul Jabbar at 7 87 Car Malone at 5 75.

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Becky Hammond put another crack in the glass ceiling.

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LeBron scored 10+ points in his 1,000th straight game when the Lakers beat the Spurs | SportsCenter

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