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  • It's Super Bowl or bust.

  • That's the goal every year and you can't get to the Super Bowl.

  • And if you can't get to the in the playoffs, so that's been huge for us.

  • It's Super Bowl or bust.

  • That's the key part of that quote here.

  • Bring back the guys.

  • Lewis.

  • What do you think?

  • His arians, right?

  • Is it really Super Bowl or bust for the Bucks?

  • Yeah, I believe it is.

  • Look, Tom Brady, at this point in his career, is not someone who you're looking at as ah three, 345 year, project, type of type of situation where you have that amount of time in order to get a culture and the football team turned around and headed in the direction of Super Bowl contention.

  • This was something that his his acquisition, his signing down there, in addition to all the other acquisitions that they to make a sfar us fortifying the offensive line with the drafting a Tristan works in the first round.

  • The play right tackle, the bringing of of Rob Gronkowski, the late season acquisition of Antonio Brown thes air, all things that combined with the fact that they had a young defense that was on the come in 2000 and 19 has had its ups and downs but has a lot of big time explosive playmakers on the defensive side on that side of the ball.

  • All that coming together equal.

  • Look, they one wanted to challenge for a division title, which they weren't able to win, because that goes ahead and captures that.

  • But this is still one of these situations where it is still about getting to the big game there in their home stadium.

  • Otherwise, what was the point of time going down there?

  • What was the point of them kind of building this roster in this way?

  • Of course, they're looking to the future as well with some of the young players.

  • But for 2020 it was about getting to the big game.

  • And if they don't get there, there's no question this is a let down for this organization in this football team, Nick.

  • What do you think?

  • I mean, I agreed with and disagreed with what Arians was saying because obviously for the Pats and Super Bowl or bust, for all the reasons that Lewis just just laid out, But it's not true that for every season, for every team, for every season, that is Super Bowl or bust.

  • I think he was trying to soften it a bit there.

  • We just came off a segment where we're talking about the Browns.

  • This is the overwhelming success for the Browns, especially if they get into the playoffs.

  • The Bucks situation is different.

  • All those guys that came in, you have a 43 year old quarterback.

  • You are not putting all this together.

  • And I promise you that Bruce Arians is not was not interested in bringing in a B Unless somebody said, Look, this is gonna help us win the Super Bowl.

  • I guarantee you, that's the pitch that made, uh, Bruce Arians comfortable with bringing a baby back into a team that he's on safety way in.

  • Well, a couple of things, I think, Louis touching it.

  • There's a chance to make history.

  • No team ever has played a Super Bowl in its home stadium, as Tampa has the chance to do whether it could get done.

  • And when you ask whether this is Super Bowl of us, let's make this very simple.

  • Any season that Tom Brady plays now, for a team is Super Bowl or bust.

  • That's it.

  • That's the deal.

  • Because for all we know, this is it again.

  • He's given no indication that this is his last season, but any one of these years could be his last year.

  • So as long as Tom Brady is your quarterback, that year is Super Bowl or bust.

  • And if he comes back next year, next year I'll be Super Bowl bus.

  • And if he comes back to year after, it'll be Super Bowl bus, then every year Tom Brady's Your quarterback is Super Bowl or bust.

  • So, Stephanie, let me ask you this.

  • What is, uh, you know, you're talking about every year being Super Bowl or bust?

  • What is the shelf life of this team if they don't get it done this year, If they don't get it done next year, how long do they try to run this back?

  • To me?

  • The shelf life is is long as Tom Brady is playing quarterback because he's still playing at a high level and there's still a tremendous amount of talent all around him.

  • And as long as Tom Brady's, their talent is going to want to go to Tampa to join him.

  • As long as he keeps playing and keeps playing at the level he's at, that's how long shelf life is.

  • It might be another two years.

  • Look, he signed a two year contract to begin with, so the only thing that we know for sure is that he gets and they get two years of each other this year and next year.

  • Then, if you want to talk about the expiration of shelf life, the milk going bad, uh, for the refrigerator smelling whatever you want, right, that is playing at that point in time.

  • But right now it's this season and next season on we go from there.

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It's Super Bowl or bust.

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