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  • all right, The Rams will win.

  • So I'm gonna go out on a limb even with Walford quarterback who Woolford whoever.

  • They got playing quarterback with the beautiful hair and his picture that matches the Rams logo.

  • That guy is not anything special, necessarily.

  • But he's an athletic guy from what I understand.

  • And Sean McDonough is an exceptional coach and no disrespect.

  • Thio Jericho.

  • I guess I can't You can't say no disrespect if you're calling it some criticism.

  • E.

  • I don't wanna be disrespectful, but but maybe it is a little bit of disrespect.

  • Everyone is accepted that Jared golf is kind of a product of the things around him.

  • Ah, product of Sean McVeigh's innovation, a product of that offensive line in that running game.

  • Those receivers.

  • So not having Cooper Cup is gonna hurt, but I think that they can put together a reasonable facsimile of what that offense normally contributes and maybe even reach higher.

  • With the athleticism of Woolford behind Chamakh based coaching, I can think they could put something reasonable together in ah hobbled um, Kyler.

  • Murray is gonna have a hell of a time against, uh, Aaron, Donald and Patrick, not Patrick.

  • Ramsey, Aaron, Donald and Ramsey, Jalen Ramsey and that Rams defense and Staley's design.

  • I think that they're gonna have a tough time and the Rams gonna put together enough points on the strength of the athletic lettuces, um, of their new quarterback, to knock off the hobble Kyler, Murray and Arizona Cardinals.

  • But it's absolutely ridiculous, like that's riel like for for us toe to start 2021 like this and for us to end the first episode of First take like this.

  • I mean, that's ridiculous.

  • No, that that's That's Sean McVeigh been coaching the last two weeks.

  • Shawn McVeigh coached against the Jets, and I am a huge showing McVeigh fan.

  • Some of the best conversations I had in my career.

  • We're going into his office on Monday morning in my last year and talking football.

  • But when you look at this offense, this offense has gotten stale.

  • Now Cam Maker seems to be practicing, and he was the large reason why they beat the Arizona Cardinals Ah, few weeks ago.

  • But I feel like without Coop, even if you have a guy who can get a quick 20 listen, let me get a quick 20 absolutely.

  • You say you said that?

  • You You said you went into Sean McVeigh's office and talk football.

  • Why are you not a head coach in the NFL?

  • I thought that was the only qualification.

  • That's the same thing that the Cardinals.

  • That's the same thing the Cardinals put on their press release.

  • When they hired Cliff Kingsbury, there was like, a Cliff Kingsbury.

  • I know you are a failed college football coach, and I know that you stole the air raid from from Mike Leach.

  • But you know what?

  • You met Sean McVeigh one time, So here you go.

  • Hit coaching job.

  • Sorry about that, RC.

  • I think you waste your time with me, that's all.

  • Uh, well, you know what you think, and so I know we got to get to Oh, okay.

  • Let me have a chance.

  • Let me get 20.

  • Real quick.

  • Uh, no.

  • I mean, when you look at the cardinals collar Murray to me, he's coming off an injury.

  • We saw when he had his shoulder injury.

  • It took him about three weeks to bounce back from that look normal.

  • So now the one thing that he has that he needs or his legs to run and scramble and get out of trouble, because when he stands in the pocket, just throws.

  • Yeah, he could make a good throw every now and then, but he needs that.

  • That dual threat.

  • So we're defense's have trouble, and I can guarantee you the Rams, knowing that they're going to control their own destiny, the strength of the Ramses.

  • What their defensive front.

  • Aaron Donald.

  • He is going to take it on himself to make sure that the Cardinals do not go out there and throw the ball all over the field.

  • Aaron Donald is the best defensive player in the NFL, and when he's motivated, he's unstoppable.

  • So the Cardinals, they're going to try their best to stop Aaron Donald.

  • But you don't stop Aaron, Donald.

  • You just try and limit the big plays that he can create.

  • And then Jalen Ramsey.

  • I love watching him.

  • He's always tenacious.

  • He's always getting after people, and he is the guy on defense, the glue that gets that whole team together.

  • So I think that the Rams, we're gonna go out there, they're gonna win this game on defense.

  • His collar.

  • Murray is gonna be limping around out there.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

all right, The Rams will win.

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