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  • the winner, advancing to the January 11 title game against either Clemson or Ohio State who face off in the Sugar Bowl.

  • Devil Sweeney didn't think the Buckeyes played enough games to warrant top four consideration.

  • Way have reports from both games.

  • Allison Williams is at the Rose Bowl, but we begin with Tom Rinaldi, who was at the Sugar Bowl.

  • Tom.

  • For all the talk of Ohio State's motivation, Clemson has plenty of its own in a simple mantra.

  • Start faster and play better.

  • That's how the Tigers feel.

  • Looking back at this performance.

  • A year ago in the semifinal theme, Tigers fell behind 16.

  • Nothing to the Buckeyes before ultimately rallying, marching 94 yards with a touchdown with less than two minutes to go toe.

  • Ultimately take the lead In that game, Trevor Lawrence rushed for more than 100 yards, his feet providing a key spark.

  • But as the Tigers arrive here in New Orleans later this afternoon, they understand they're gonna have to play up to their highest standard if they wish to return to the national title game.

  • Trevor Lawrence.

  • He was the difference maker a year ago in this matchup against Ohio State when you watch him granted, everybody talks about it.

  • It's really his legs that have been the difference for Clemson.

  • In these big games, you're absolutely right in.

  • Ohio State's defense has nightmares about Trevor Lawrence from last year in the festival, but it's really the zone read game.

  • That's where they get the advantage on the defense.

  • Take a look.

  • Thes place kept.

  • Here's where they outnumber the defense.

  • You see Trevor, he sees man to man across the board.

  • It's only five in the box.

  • That means they're linemen.

  • Have plenty of guys to get.

  • There's nobody for the quarterback.

  • The first guy for the quarterback is 10 yards downfield.

  • That's not gonna work.

  • This is essentially triple option.

  • Trevor has ability to throw that ball to the sideline if he wants Thio.

  • But he loves to take these hits and it gets stronger as the game goes on.

  • This is just an easy sealed with the read option boom.

  • If that guy crashes on the edge, Trevor is going to take it, and there goes the tight end up and around ceiling for him.

  • They over commit bad tackling angle, and there he goes again.

  • This is what makes them so hard to defend because they have to account for the quarterback.

  • And now you're even match on offense.

  • You know, if you think about the game was back and forth, Clemson's offense were struggling a little bit.

  • What did they go to?

  • They went to the zone, read.

  • So if I'm Ohio State, here's what I'm saying.

  • We may lose this game, but I'm not going to allow forever launch to rush for 100 yards.

  • 16 carries.

  • Ah, 107 yards.

  • When the game was kind of in flux, it was indecisive.

  • They put the ball in number 16 hands.

  • Guess what.

  • If your Ohio State Sean waiting those quarterbacks, they gotta deal with Martha Rodgers.

  • So it's gonna be to the front seven of Ohio State that Front seven has to deal with Trevor Launch.

  • If they can do that and they can limit forever Lawrence, you're not going to stop him.

  • Stop him, but limit him where he doesn't take over.

  • The game in Ohio State would go a long way to win this game at 67 yard touchdown in the second quarter.

  • That was the turning point in that game in the Fiesta Bowl is we have a rematch here in two days on New Year's Day.

  • Clemson versus Ohio State in the Allstate Sugar Bone right now.

  • Clemson favored by 7.5 points of its Ryan days Onley loss in his career as the head coach of the Buckeyes a year ago.

  • And then we got that first game, the Rose Bowl presented by Capital One.

  • Guys, look at that spread.

  • Alabama 19.5 favorites 19.

  • A half point favorites.

  • If that line holds, it would be the largest spread in playoff history.

  • I think the game will be closer this year.

  • This is not the Alabama that plays bully ball, and I think Notre Dame can score with this Alabama team.

  • No today.

  • Put appoints.

  • Look out!

  • We will see how this plays out, Of course, is our men.

  • Behind the scenes are great crew getting everything ready for New Year's Day from New Orleans.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

the winner, advancing to the January 11 title game against either Clemson or Ohio State who face off in the Sugar Bowl.

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