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  • So let's not pretend like Aaron Rodgers and Pat Mahomes.

  • Air Perfect.

  • They're not perfect.

  • They're better than Josh then Josh Allen is, but Josh Allen deserves to get invited to New York.

  • If we're having ah, Heisman conversation, well, you're absolutely wrong because it's the Buffalo Bills and and I disagree with you in the sense of, you know of of saying that of saying that I'm saying that No, no, not really, because I mean, I like being hated.

  • But look, this is what I see in Josh Allen.

  • Josh Allen has a level of arm arrogance.

  • Yes, that's a term that I made up.

  • I think we should start using that in Q B.

  • R s.

  • Maybe Madden's should have it.

  • He has a level of our arrogance that I've only seen Patrick Mahomes has.

  • Even Aaron Rodgers never had this level of arrogance.

  • This level of you know what?

  • I don't care what defender it is.

  • I don't care what defense you're in.

  • If a play needs to be made, I'm gonna make it.

  • If a throat needs to be made, I can make that throat and I could stand across the field from anybody in the NFL because he's always talking about him and Patrick Mahomes having a throw off because he believes he's that dude because his talent makes him feel like you know what And maybe it did before he was this good.

  • It made him feel like he was always this guy, right?

  • He was a guy that should be talked about in the M V P conversation.

  • He was a guy that wasn't going to shy away from throwing at anybody.

  • Let's not forget when Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers, which I guess he's always been because he's still Aaron Rodgers.

  • He would go play against the Seattle Seahawks and not even try Richard Sherman.

  • Right?

  • Richard Sherman would have zero targets.

  • That ain't Josh Allen.

  • Josh Allen is not going to shrink.

  • Whoever Stefon Diggs stands across from whoever cold Beasley stands across from Josh Allen going to say, You know what?

  • If there's this much space I can get that football in there and this is the defense with your Davis White would leave I Wallace with great safeties in Jordan Porter and and and and hide these guys Michael High.

  • These guys can make those plays.

  • These guys can create turnovers.

  • And so I think when the Buffalo girls in the Kansas City Chiefs get to play and I hope it happens, I hope it's not one of those Muppet situations like we had with being.

  • May he rest in peace.

  • And LeBron Well, we never got to see it.

  • We need to get to see this matchup this year because I believe the Buffalo Bills are the biggest obstacles to the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • Repeating.

  • Yeah, well, see, I hope we get that match up to and the arm arrogance is a great term.

  • I saw you coin.

  • I think McShay needs to put that in his analysis because you're right and your assessment of like, from here on out, I want to know how, on a scale of 1 to 10, how arrogant is his arrogant right now I want to know right now, Josh Allen.

  • His arm is arrogant, his face is arrogant, his body is arrogant.

  • He's the type of guy that's gonna run you over into the end zone and score just out and then spin the ball in your face.

  • I love that personality for your team.

  • I'm not in on the bills Mafia, and I never will be.

  • I don't wanna be.

  • But I respect the way that John Allen plays, and I think that he deserves, ah, lot of respect in credit for what he's doing.

  • But your point about Aaron Rodgers is right.

  • Aaron Rodgers is passive when it comes to taking those aggressive place.

  • He's conservative.

  • But the difference between Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes is Josh Allen has this excuse.

  • Yeah, Josh Allen has the same level of armed arrogance is Patrick Mahomes, but he ends up sometimes that gets him in trouble.

  • You remember the playoffs last year when he was throwing cross body Hail Marys toe fullbacks like he thinks that Patrick home.

  • Sometimes you got to remind them, you ain't that dude.

  • Patrick Mahomes puts up those numbers without this type of arrogance.

  • This type of arrogance has gotten two players into the M V P race.

  • At least the front runners.

  • Of course, we have Pat Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers.

  • This would be Rodgers third accolade of that sort.

  • It would be Mahomes second of that sort.

  • But of course, Roger's been playing four times as long as Mahomes, and that is a conversation.

  • Gentlemen we're going to get into later on.

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So let's not pretend like Aaron Rodgers and Pat Mahomes.

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