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  • I want you to complete the sentence.

  • Aaron Rodgers and the Packers will struggle in the playoffs if Oh, yeah, that Bachtiar E news is bad, But I think if you focus on Roger specifically, um, the pressure and not having Bakhtiari at left tackle like that's gonna end impact.

  • How much pressure Aaron Rodgers is under and he's Roger's a great quarterback.

  • It's hard to find a weakness with him, especially how he's playing this year.

  • But all quarterbacks get a little worse when it comes to pressure, but Aaron Rodgers seems to get quite a bit worse when it comes to pressure.

  • So if you look at his PR throughout the season overall, he's number one in the league.

  • You look at it against pressure.

  • He drops down to 12, which is closer to middle of the pack.

  • So if you control for all the quarterbacks, you put in all the plays that all the quarterbacks are in pressure, he's nowhere near the top of the league.

  • He's still somebody who I trust, because if you blitz him, which is different than plankton pressure, if you blitz him and he sees it coming, he could pick you apart He's really great against the Blitz because he understands how to beat the Blitz.

  • But if you can pressure him, whether it's through a blitz that he doesn't see coming, a blitz that he doesn't expect or pressure just with four and potentially play some sort of zoning behind.

  • So there's not enough time to necessarily get rid of the ball quickly to your to your hot reads or to attack the defense downfield that all quarterbacks obviously struggle against that.

  • But that's the only way that you see Aaron Rodgers numbers go down and Patrick Mahomes.

  • So we're not talking about right now.

  • But if you look at his difference between pressure and not under pressure, Ah, guy like that, Ah, younger guy who seems it would be a little bit more athletic and is a special player.

  • It's not as big, so you can possibly get Aaron Rodgers to play like the 12th best quarterback in the league.

  • If you could get pressure on, however, the challenge there is getting pressure on him without also leaving Adams lined up for one on one outside because then he's going to crush you.

  • Yeah, you know, that's obviously the way you wanted to get Aaron Rodgers and you know, down mentioned the Bachtiar R E news and you did a swell Charlie like That's huge.

  • We're talking about a left tackle that you could leave on the island.

  • He's like having a great corner, and you kind of scheme away from a guy like David Bakhtiari.

  • So having this situation also plays with the mind and the psyche of a quarterback.

  • You know, Aaron Rodgers is a deep thinker, right?

  • They did a piece on Aaron Rodgers here, and he was talking about certain things that happened with the planes and admissions in the sky and all these different things.

  • All these different conspiracy theories.

  • Well, when he doesn't have to think about that left tackle when he doesn't have to think about the protection of his blind side, he could be a better quarterback.

  • And so now he's gonna have to worry about that.

  • You may have to switch some things around if you're Matt LaFleur, but I think the other thing we have to note in playing the Packers is also their defense right?

  • What happens when the team comes to Green Bay and decides to run the football.

  • What if, if it's Chris Carson or if it's Alvin Kamara or some of these teams who could run the football well, how does this defense hold up against them?

  • Because we've seen when teams approached the Green Bay Packers with physicality, it changes who they are.

  • Not only Aaron Rodgers on the offense, like Dom says, dropping toe a middle of the pack quarterback, but when the physicality is implemented in games, whether it's the Minnesota Vikings and Delvin Cook or the Indianapolis Coats and Jonathan Taylor in the second half of that game.

  • Or if you go early on to the season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers putting pressure and playing man demand on the outside against Davante Adams.

  • We've seen physicality change who the Green Bay Packers were, and that's the way to beat this team.

  • That's the way to attack this team.

  • And Donald is right Aaron Rodgers in the way that he's played this year.

  • You're truly nit picking if you want to critique M v P caliber year by Aaron Rodgers, but that's what's gonna happen in the playoffs.

  • It takes one day, it takes 60 minutes and if you aren't great in those 60 minutes, you lose and the Green Bay Packers have to be aware of the rush, as Dom says, and they also have to be aware of the rush of the other team offensively because I believe that's the way teams to try to attack them and beat them.

  • Yeah, you can't beat Aaron Rodgers just lining up and just playing a static defense.

  • They're gonna figure it out.

  • You're gonna have to change up the look.

  • You're gonna have to get pressure on him.

  • And to the point that I made a moment ago, I was just looking it up about Patrick Mahomes.

  • Patrick Holmes has the second best Q B r in the league.

  • Aaron Rodgers has number one.

  • You put pressure on Aaron Rodgers.

  • He drops to a 32.

  • Q b R, which is to above the league average, makes him 12th in the league.

  • Patrick Mahomes drops to 73.

  • He's number one in the league.

  • So I know we talked about this Iraqi or not conversation.

  • But that is the difference in those two players.

  • Aaron Rodgers can still win the M v P, but that is the difference in those two players because Patrick Mahomes gonna get them big plays.

  • Whether you get pressure on him or not, he's gonna break your back.

  • And I'm not sure that Aaron Rodgers is capable of doing that reliably in this situation.

  • And just another thing that since we're talking about those two quarterbacks that always found incredibly interesting last year before the Super Bowl, I wrote a piece about Patrick Mahomes.

  • His weaknesses.

  • He doesn't have any, obviously, but I dig dug deep into his stats and found that he is actually below league average when it comes to Q B r and against a play action pass or in play action pass, which is crazy because everyone else gets better.

  • And that was true of last year.

  • That was true of him.

  • His entire NFL career.

  • He was below average and Q b r.

  • And even all the way back to college.

  • He was below average in Q B R versus or when he is doing play action passes has nothing to we're talking about.

  • I just think it's interesting, so you all need to know it.

  • Wow, way to do your research, Tom.

  • Good job, guys.

  • The Packers lead the NFL in scoring with 31.6 points per game.

  • Again, they will clinch the NFC with the win on Sunday against Chicago.

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I want you to complete the sentence.

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