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  • rescuers in central Croatia are searching for survivors after major earthquake struck Tuesday afternoon.

  • Authorities say at least seven people were killed and many others injured.

  • The quake was the second to hit the region in just two days.

  • The search for survivors continued long into the night.

  • Petrina, once a picturesque town not far from the Croatian capital, Zagreb, now a disaster zone.

  • That's good.

  • The 6.4 magnitude quake brought death and destruction without warning, but the response has been swift.

  • The army moved into airlift elderly patients from the hospital.

  • Okay.

  • In one damage, nursing home residents lay on the floor as they waited for their turn to leave.

  • Okay, as the most vulnerable are evacuated, aid is pouring in across Croatia, Donations are being collected for Petrina and the surrounding area.

  • Way saw they needed help.

  • People are coming from everywhere to bring food and necessities.

  • They need humanitarian aid now because this would be over anytime soon.

  • Basic necessities have already reached this shelter for people made homeless by the earthquake.

  • Our house has no roof, only walls, but they were all damaged and cracked.

  • E wouldn't dare go inside again.

  • E the crisis response is being overseen by the town's mayor.

  • Today we feel with all the families who have lost their loved ones.

  • We know there are no words.

  • But we offer our honest compassion because to lose your loved ones in this catastrophe, eyes like going through hell.

  • It preserved that fuck off.

  • The mayor was holding a press conference when the earthquake struck shortly before noon on Tuesday.

  • The cameras capturing the impact.

  • A Z rescue teams clear the rubble in the dark of night.

  • That moment seems a lifetime ago for the people of Virginia.

  • Let's bring in Delhi Bordeaux Bridge here.

  • He's a journalist in Zagreb.

  • Tell us how our recovery efforts going.

  • Hello.

  • Well, the recovery efforts went on through the night.

  • There are no reports of any more casualties, so seven people have been killed.

  • We don't have the count of the injured yet.

  • Uh, there has been a nowt pour off help, as you said in the report, from people all over creation, with thousands of people bringing food and then blankets and so on.

  • And it's all being gathered by the Red Cross and sent to Petrina.

  • The army has put up tents and shelters for the people who lost their homes.

  • And that is basically everyone in the region off Katrina Glina seasick and so on.

  • There are thousands of people who are now without shelter.

  • Now I understand that Zagreb was hit by another smaller tremor this morning.

  • Are there any reports of further damage?

  • There have been actually three tremors since 6 15 which woke me up to this morning.

  • That was 4.8 and two smaller ones after that.

  • Zagreb is, I think, fine, because we are quite far away with 50 kilometers from from from Katrina and the epicenter was again there.

  • There are no reports off additional damage, but since people have led their left their homes mainly, uh, we hope that everybody is fine, but there have has been additional damage with these, uh, in these earthquakes since the structures are fractured and and and weak.

  • How well prepared is the region?

  • Therefore earthquakes like this Well, on one hand, it's not very well prepared because the infrastructure is bad.

  • We have seen cracked roads.

  • The area is without electricity since the polls, uh, fell down and even phones have been disrupted.

  • Uh, the this whole area has suffered greatly in the war and has not recovered since it was 30 years ago.

  • The house.

  • It's relatively poor regions, so the houses are not well built.

  • Many of them are quite old.

  • Those are, as you said in the the peace before.

  • Those are picture.

  • It's a big picturesque town, but, uh, it's quite old so that the houses are old as well.

  • Uh, but on the other hand, we have had a lot of practice, unfortunately, and the emergency services have reacted really, really well.

  • Onda people know now what to do.

  • Dalibor, Thank you very much for bringing us up to date there.

  • That was journalist Charlie Bordeaux Bridge inside graph.

  • Thank you.

rescuers in central Croatia are searching for survivors after major earthquake struck Tuesday afternoon.

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Earthquake in Croatia: Rescuers are searching for survivors | DW News

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