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  • do you feel like there is a point where they can see enough before the trade deadline that this is the group they're going to stick with?

  • I should rephrase that, by the way, because Daryl Morey never sticks with exactly the same group but stars wise?

  • Or do you think that there is a point where they're gonna look more seriously at that James Harden trade that we know has been discussed?

  • So the Sixers have the player that the Rockets, I think, can you know.

  • That's probably the best deal that they could make right now, which has been Simmons.

  • It's just a matter of constructing in a way that satisfies both teams.

  • If they really drill down, they could probably get a deal done within a day or two, but neither neither one really are interested in doing that right now.

  • And what the real question to me is is.

  • Is there another team out there because we have a bunch of teams sort of packed together in the middle that tries to jump up and make an offer for Harden before Philadelphia comes to a final analysis and it's mind.

  • And right now at three and one and and beating someone's playing like this, I would say they're farther away from, ah hardened trade than they were two weeks ago.

  • Kirk, what do you think?

  • If you were Darryl, would you be looking to make that deal, or would you stand put with what you got?

  • I will stay put right now, Rachel.

  • I would I would watch the first.

  • I would watch at least the first part of the season up into the trade deadline to see what the team is that so I would keep my eye and I will monitor the situation.

  • One thing about it is that you could never go wrong with trading for a guy like James Harden, the M V P guy.

  • That's right now there's, like 10 or £12 overweighting, still averaging about 35 points tonight.

  • So, but with that being said, I wouldn't mess up the chemistry Right now I'm looking at this watching this Philadelphia 76 a team, and the chemistry is there.

  • You have great leadership in this locker room between Danny Green and Dwight Howard, both guys that have won the championship and knows what it takes.

  • So right now, the chemistry is there.

  • Guys look like they love playing with one another.

  • And most importantly, they know their roles.

  • They know they know their roles, so I wouldn't miss with it.

  • Not right now.

  • All right, well, let's move on to another team built around its big man.

  • Last night on national television, the Milwaukee Bucks beat the Miami Heat by 47 points.

  • Now, to be fair, Jimmy Butler did not play for the defending Eastern Conference champs.

  • Milwaukee did set a single game record, though with 29 made threes.

  • In fact, every active Bucks player accepting on a sense of Dokubo made at least 13 in this game.

  • Now the Heat faced the Bucks again today.

  • Their Twitter accounts showed a little humor.

  • Posting this graphic this morning with the caption Taking on the Bucks tonight for the first time this season.

  • Frying.

  • It's like it never happened, right?

  • And I did see this morning that Jimmy Butler not expected to play in this game, either, Brian.

  • So do you feel like you learned anything from yesterday, or even from tonight's game?

  • Without Jimmy or not?

  • It's just another night, Rachel, we finally found something that the pandemic cured it in cured the Miami flu.

  • I've never seen a team come out in Miami and shoot like this.

  • If you take away Yannis, the starters, uh, shot 18 of 25 on threes.

  • Now I will submit that that is arguably one of the greatest shooting performances in the history of the N B A.

  • Not just on volume, but on percentage.

  • So this is a probably the best shooting performance we will see throughout the entire year.

  • So I'm not gonna focus on the spread of 47 points or the heat.

  • But what I will point out is this Bucks team is heavily reliant on production from its starting lineup.

  • We have seen that in just his first few games, when the starters play well, they are awesome, Their bench remains suspect, and so what I take away from this is a reinforcing of boy.

  • The Bucks starters air really, really good, but what happens when they need some of their bench?

  • That's we're gonna watch as the season goes along.

  • Well, I agree with you, Brian, but here's here's the Here's the key factor of this Chris militant Chris Militant has been playing some outstanding basketball, And last night he was on fire.

  • But I'm gonna go back to this.

  • Were saying all these blowouts.

  • This is why the n b A.

  • This is why the players ni fans.

  • This is why fans air so important.

  • They help guys rally back.

  • They give guys this energy.

  • Just imagine the Miami he got blown out at home.

  • If it was a, it was a crowd in the stands to help them rally back and go on those 10 runs or those 15 to 2 runs.

  • Theo game would have got close.

  • But you have to find that energy without fans in the stands, and it is a unique situation and guys gonna have to overcome it.

  • But I expect it's gonna be a lot of blowouts this season.

  • We'll talk about that a little bit more later.

  • You mentioned the Miami flu, Brian.

  • I think Damian Lillard said the other night when before they played against the Lakers that there wasn't anything he could go out and do in L.

  • A.

  • Like he normally with the night before, we may see some teams lose this home court advantage in ways we didn't expect this season, we'll see.

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do you feel like there is a point where they can see enough before the trade deadline that this is the group they're going to stick with?

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