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  • Well, it's quite a fitting end to the year 2020.

  • As we find 78% of the entire country of England currently in Tier four, locked down soon to be tier five.

  • Millions of Children will now not be allowed to attend school.

  • Some Children will not attend school indefinitely.

  • Until the government decides that they can actually get their education and build their futures, A Tier five locked down is gonna look even worse.

  • They're gonna shut all the shops, shut all the tech away restaurants.

  • Did you ever think that this would be happening on our very first lock down in March, only nine months ago when they said it was for two weeks only to protect the NHS.

  • Now the whole country is shut down.

  • And even with these draconian measures, the health services say that the our number will not go below one, so it will continue to spread exponentially, which makes you ask a fundamental question that I have been asking you for the past six months.

  • Can we control this virus, or can we eliminate it?

  • That's the question.

  • That's what we have to ask ourselves.

  • And I think it's very clear now that we cannot eliminate it and we have to find a way of living with it, which means we have to make ah, proportional response to this virus.

  • We have to use science based decision making, and we need some really leadership here because we can't keep this country locked down forever or they're literally will be.

  • No resource is left to feed or clothe our citizens.

  • Right now in London, UNICEF is feeding starving Children UNICEF, for the first time in 70 years, IHS feeding starving Children in London.

  • If that is not an indicator that our priorities are wrong here by locking this country down, then I don't know what ISS and this is when we really have to ask ourselves, um, very, very hard questions.

  • We need to make hard decisions right now, one of my mentors said, There's never an easy time to make a tough decision, and the problem with our current crop of politicians is they've never made a tough decision in their life.

  • They can't deal with it because they're worried about polls or they're worried about something.

  • But we need tough decisions right now.

  • We need to make sacrifices now, so we don't ruin our future.

  • And again, I really believe this is prevention versus cure and the lock down is ruining everything.

  • How will we pay for our NHS when we have no economy left?

  • These are the questions we need to ask.

  • And the truth is we can have both.

  • We can have our health, our economy.

  • Not only can we have both, we must have both because they are the same thing.

  • And I have been having conversations on London real and there afterwards on my digital freedom platform, because I was censored on so many social media channels with doctors, with nurses, with scientists with Nobel Prize winners with professors emeritus of esteemed universities.

  • And they have all been telling me, Brian, there are solutions to this, but you're not hearing it from the politicians.

  • And you sure as heck not hearing it from mainstream media because they have their agendas on.

  • They've been co opted.

  • It has nothing to do with you or me, our health, our mental health, the future, our Children's future.

  • And that's why I've decided Thio to move forward and take London in a new direction.

  • These decisions can be made quickly and implemented quickly.

  • Waken get London back toe work.

  • We can put our health first our science first our education first our family first our communities first we can make the streets safe.

  • We could do everything, but we just need an independent voice.

  • We need some new ideas.

  • We need some innovation.

  • We need some leadership, right?

  • It's not complicated, but I see none of that with our current politicians.

  • None of that And I think you feel the same way.

  • So please leave your comments below.

  • Uh, tell me if you think that we should be taking our Children's out of the schools.

  • If you think our younger generation now being called Generation Co vid uh needs their futures to be made more bleak.

  • At this point, I don't think that that's what we need.

  • I think we need leadership.

  • I think we need innovation.

  • I think we need to make hard decisions, use the science and make a proportional response to this virus.

  • Uh, leave me your comments wishing you all the best with your new years, and I am very optimistic for 2021.

  • But we've got to move and you have to move you have to mobilize.

  • We have to do this together way have to vote.

  • We have to change.

  • Otherwise we will have another year of this madness.

Well, it's quite a fitting end to the year 2020.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/31
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