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  • Argentina's Senate has voted to legalize abortion in a landmark ruling that could have repercussions across Latin America.

  • The vote followed hours of debate and decades of campaigning by women's rights groups in the predominantly Catholic country.

  • Up until now, seeking or aiding an abortion was a punishable offenses.

  • The vote in Argentina has been closely watched in other Latin American countries, where abortion is largely still illegal.

  • Well, for more on this I'm joined now by journalist Lucy A.

  • Hey in Venice, are is first of all, this is a historic moment for Argentina and Latin American in general.

  • How are the reactions to this development?

  • Yes, So there were thousands of people waiting on the street until 4 a.m. When the vote was cast, uh, waiting for the decision.

  • And basically the most amount of people were waiting in front of the National Congress in Buenos Aires on the plaza was divided into.

  • So basically, the people in favor off the legalization of abortion and those against.

  • And, as you can imagine, the people in favor.

  • As soon as they heard off the vote off the results of the voting, they were ecstatic.

  • There were a lot of music.

  • Ah, lot of young women who came out to the streets in support of this bill on there was a very much of a celebratory mood among that side.

  • But as you can imagine, on the other side of the plaza, the mood was completely the opposite.

  • These are groups that are very religious and groups that have bean very vocally against the legalization of abortion.

  • So the mood was very divided.

  • And I think that really reflects how Argentina, as a society as a whole, feels today about the results of this historic vote.

  • How important is this vote for Argentina?

  • Can you put it in context for us?

  • Absolutely so to give you an idea.

  • This is the ninth time a bill to legalize abortion was presented in Congress over the past 15 years.

  • So it's an issue that's been on the agenda for many, many years.

  • On that in the most recent years since 2018, I would say it has taken a lot of attention, not only in Argentina but also other countries in Latin America have appropriated themselves off this green scarf that the Argentine feminist movement uses as a message to legalize abortion.

  • You see that green scarf all over Latin America now?

  • So it is, Ah, huge issue.

  • And, um, that the reason why it is so is because since 1921 abortion in Argentina has been criminalized in women, and doctors who perform it can get up to 15 years in prison.

  • Um, so one of the things that these women's rights movements have been saying is that in spite of these women still undergo abortions.

  • There's another unofficial estimate that around 270,000 to 500,000 abortions are performed every year in the country.

  • So by legalizing this women's rights groups there saying that at least you're securing healthy and safe conditions for this woman to undergo these procedures, that was journalist Lucy A.

  • Hey, reporting from Buenos Aires.

Argentina's Senate has voted to legalize abortion in a landmark ruling that could have repercussions across Latin America.

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Argentina Senate approves bill to legalize abortion | DW News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/31
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