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  • I, uh, texted Dorian to see if he had a question for you before before we came on and again.

  • Dorian's incredible man, Um, he's, you know, become a great friend and a mentor as well.

  • We had him on the show back in 90 in 2013.

  • Like I said, January, we had him back on a couple years later and he was trying to transforming in front of our eyes, just becoming this kind of a sage and a real spiritually and a really mentor type man to a lot of young young people.

  • And he invited me down to Marbella.

  • We went down with the film crew and we made a documentary about him and how he kind of transition, because I think a lot of guys get stuck that I'm a bodybuilder my whole life, you know, and they don't know when to kind of transition to someone else.

  • And Dorian did that really well.

  • So I asked him about any questions.

  • He didn't say he had a question, but he wanted to say this.

  • So I'm gonna tell you exactly what he said.

  • Hey texted me back and he said, Quote, I never told Lee.

  • What a huge inspiration he was to me, especially as a family man and a champion.

  • He was a role model.

  • But I didn't tell him when we met, as I was so competitive.

  • Unquote.

  • What do you say to that?

  • Wow, that's that's quite a compliment coming from during, you know, But it doesn't surprise me during has always been to me a very humble and beautiful, beautiful person.

  • Uh, well, funny to you know, E was when we were here in Atlanta at one of the Mr Olympia.

  • So of course I retired.

  • And during all keep up and looking good and everything he says to me all, uh, legal.

  • What do you think?

  • We have another go at it during?

  • Are you kidding?

  • I said, I'm going fishing, man, that was so funny.

  • But also proud to that which was brought to my attention by a guy named Peter MK.

  • Golf.

  • Peterman.

  • Golf is from Great Britain.

  • Peter writes for Flex magazine Muscle and fitness.

  • He's he's one of the last of the historians of bodybuilding brought past to present.

  • And I was in England doing the guest appearance at one of the shows.

  • I think it was the British bodybuilding championship.

  • And so anyway, I needed some carbohydrates, you know, because, you know, we're supposed to eat about every two hours or so.

  • And it was this youngster in the audience.

  • Uh, that was sort of helping backstage.

  • He was helping backstage, and he had some apples and fruit.

  • And so he offered me what he had and come to find out by Peter that that youngster was durian, you know?

  • So it's amazing, you know, the same way with O.

  • J.

  • Simpson meeting Jim Brown, you know, as a kid.

  • And here he is, knocking on my door a few years later.

  • So, man, I Yeah, it's a it's awesome journeyman.

  • And to see where During heels now, his transition.

  • How he's enjoying life.

  • I mean, I really get a thrill seeing him, uh, now into yoga, taking care of his body.

  • Listen, is glad.

  • Edel's man, you know, we put our bodies to a lot of craziness and the body don't forget all that.

  • You've left your joints, steals a man.

  • You remember that, right?

  • Every time you wake up in the morning, you remember all of that crazy squatting you did.

  • I'm still here.

  • Just waiting to get you and during has been wide enough to change gears, you know, with the yoga in the cycling, and to bring the weight down so that he can live a healthier life.

  • You know, I myself has done the same thing.

  • I'm entomb or functional training, using the ropes, using using medicine ball.

  • You know, doing yoga stretches, all of those different kinds of things.

  • You know, it.

  • Come a time you have toe pull the squad off is a gladiator and the hell meant and the breastplate and say Okay, now this is for you, young guy.

  • Let me show you how to do it.

  • Now I've been there, done that.

  • So both of us are more on the teaching scale off showing young athletes what to do and what not to do.

  • And then the other side of it, too.

  • We know that that we'll find night creatures we're not going to live forever.

  • And if we can use what we've accomplished over the span of our lifetime as a competitors, er the impact the lives of other young athletes, other people than man.

  • What a three or to do so that's What's so cool about the second half of the journey?

  • Being able to impact those younger athletes and point them in the direction off being successful at it, but also letting them know, too, that this doesn't last forever.

  • And you need to do it in such a way that you don't destroy your physical body, because in the end of the day, you still want to be functional.

  • You wanna enjoy your grandkids as I am.

  • I have three beautiful granddaughters.

  • I'm still able to run with him, not full speed, but were still able to do fun stuff together together.

  • And I got my health, and that's that's what it's all about.

I, uh, texted Dorian to see if he had a question for you before before we came on and again.

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DORIAN YATES: My Thoughts On Dorian Yates & Why I Get A Thrill Seeing His Journey Today - Lee Haney

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