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  • I get attached to things like really attached.

  • Hey, babe, do you need a new toothbrush?

  • I've had this one since I was a kid.

  • What?

  • And quickly look very, very quickly.

  • Hi, I'm Anna.

  • Nice to meet you.

  • Read.

  • No, I'm sorry.

  • This is my now I don't do it consciously.

  • E can't help it.

  • I'm an imaginative person.

  • So of course, I immediately fantasize about the outcome of things the moment the possibility presents itself, whether it's a job opportunity I'm excited about.

  • So your resume says you're proficient with Adobe Premiere Pro Sisi.

  • I'm gonna like it here.

  • Excuse me.

  • I mean, you guys have kombucha on tap.

  • That is crazy.

  • I love l.

  • A.

  • Uh, when the obviously it's also like Fung Shui.

  • You know what?

  • I should probably get back to my desk.

  • I got a lot of work to dio, uh, if I meet a guy and we have great chemistry Well, I'm Japanese, Hawaiian, so I'm historically self destructive.

  • You're funny.

  • Thank you.

  • So what are your emotional triggers?

  • Your attachment style, your level of self awareness of your childhood traumas.

  • And how are you working to overcome them?

  • Oh, and what's your birth time.

  • Well, look, if we're gonna make this work, I'm gonna need to know your ascendant.

  • We've been just a TV show e here.

  • The show is really good, but there's only two seasons out and there's this rumor that it gets canceled.

  • Do I bother?

  • I mean, what if I really love it and on a cliff?

  • And I know I'm setting myself up for huge disappointments because you don't always get that job and sometimes that guy doesn't call you for a second date, and most definitely that show is gonna get canceled.

  • But on the other side of the extremist spectrum, never getting invested in anything kind of sucks, too.

  • I mean, without the hope of anything happening, life is just hopeless.

  • And that would be definitely way less fun than the emotional roller coaster of becoming overly attached to something instantaneously and writing the high of expectations into the inevitable bit of.

  • And of course, the answer always lies and moderation like I don't know how many times I have to learn this lesson, but here we are again a decade on YouTube, and I'm still rediscovering that all of my problems usually have the same answer.

  • You know, sometimes it feels like when you get older, your problems just sort of, like mutate like bacteria or something, and they become smarter and stronger.

  • And you, as the antibody have to remember Hey, wait a second.

  • You're the same problem I dealt with two years ago, Only a right to version, because this is bullshit.

  • So now I'm striving to pace out my emotional investment in all possibilities and a healthy organic way instead of just like shoving all of my expectations into this one desired outcome so that anything other than what I imagine we'll just leave me in despair.

  • You know, I still have hope for what will happen, but I don't immediately get married to the idea that this job is minor.

  • This boy is minor.

  • That TV show better go on for 43 seasons.

  • Instead, I try to actively and consciously just trust.

  • Then if the job is mine, it'll be mine.

  • If that's the right boy from me, it'll work out.

  • I surrender everything to the universe, and I know that it's gonna unfold exactly as it should, and I immediately freak out and think that's all wrong and then I surrender again and the cycle repeats forever and ever and ever and ever until he died.

  • Yeah, I'm Anna Khanna.

  • Don't get attached to an outdated outro that no longer feels awesome.

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I get attached to things like really attached.

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