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  • reality, But it's also the history of ordinary people, the ways in which ordinary people not kings and queens and exceptional, you know, leaders.

  • But the opinions, faults and actions of ordinary people, in my view, are actually what direct history.

  • But then the history is written, you know, rewritten.

  • I mean, the end of slavery is the best example, right the way that's all the most clearest example to me, the way that's rewritten as being the product of a few elite guys in West Minister on Abraham Lincoln.

  • And that's what happened.

  • You know, we don't wanna talk about the Maroons in Jamaica, you know, in their eight year engagement, military engagement with the British.

  • We don't want to talk about the Haitian Revolution.

  • We won't talk about Palmeiras in Brazil, which was an independent African state that lasted almost 100 years against the Portuguese.

  • We're not gonna talk about the changing requirements of industrial capitalism in that period, which Eric Williams outlined so well in his classic work, Capitalism and slavery.

  • We're just gonna rewrite the history and say on this happened to me.

  • I went to school as a kid.

  • I wasn't lying about it when I said in my firing the Boof about my schoolteacher.

  • We went to the National Portrait Gallery and there was, ah, picture of William Wilberforce, my teacher.

  • She called me a side of all the kids in the class.

  • Now I went.

  • I was the kid who was a bit controversial who went to the Pan African Saturday school.

  • We had a big mouth, in an opinion, right?

  • She called me and she said, This guy Kingsley, he stopped slavery.

  • I said, Miss, you mean like you helped contribute?

  • Because even at that age, I was aware that people didn't just say, I'm gonna wait for some guy to come and save me 12.

  • When I was 777 I was.

  • I was in Year four on, she went.

  • No, he stopped slavery Should actually got angry with me.

  • And I think this is stocked with me my whole life.

  • This that she was.

  • Could she have been that unintelligent that she fought one individual?

  • Stop this what in its own time would have been this multi billion dollar industry?

  • Or was she trying to impose on me in particular ideal without even realizing?

  • I think it's the Lao on So what I'm saying is that the rewriting of history is very powerful because even very recent history, you know, can be re written very quickly.

  • And people forget.

  • Here in the UK, there were riots all up and down the country in the eighties.

  • Every time the Tottenham riots, for example, get mentioned on the news, the ones in 85 they mentioned the police officer that was killed.

  • Yet they don't mention the grandmother who was killed.

  • The police enter the house of Cynthia Jarrett, looking for her son.

  • Floyd Jarrett on Cynthia Jarrett ends up dead.

  • Now, every time it's mentioned on the news, they mentioned PC Blake Lock or they don't mention Cynthia Jarrett.

  • This is a way of rewriting history by omission.

  • When they talk about the Brixton riots, which occurred in the same period of time, they do not talk about Cherie Groce getting shot in the back by the police and paralyzed another grandmother, right?

  • So it's a way of just saying where there were riots, it was just crazy people burning stuff for no reason.

  • Right on the route off the frustration, not to mention what was going on in society generally at the time, but the particular sparks are not included.

  • And so you get rewriting by a mission, and that's the eighties.

  • And that's right here in London.

  • Does that stuff make you angry?

  • Yeah, but I understand it.

  • I mean, it does make me angry.

  • It used to make me very angry.

  • Now it's more a reserved pissed off this like, in a sense that I expect it is predictable.

  • It's boring.

  • I almost get shocked when I see something that's alternative or a bit truthful.

  • I'm not.

  • What?

  • Uh huh.

  • You know, every so often a program comes on the telly, and it may leave me scratching my head because it's so honest.

  • You know, it doesn't happen very often, but I expected I understand it.

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reality, But it's also the history of ordinary people, the ways in which ordinary people not kings and queens and exceptional, you know, leaders.

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HISTORY & POWER: Why History Focuses On The Powerful Figures Instead Of Ordinary People - Akala

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