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  • Hi, I'm Lindsay, and I'm here to talk about Amazon Prime videos, New Siri's, the wilds and which character I relate to the most.

  • Okay, so here's the dealio.

  • So the show is about a group of teenage girls who are flying to an all girls retreat when they find themselves crash landed on a deserted island.

  • In addition to the crazy premise, the diverse cast of characters is the rial draw to the show.

  • Let's break him down.

  • May I just say I am ready to make the call?

  • So the first episode is about Leah.

  • We see her back in the real world, where she meets her favorite author, so they have a little romance.

  • And then, Yikes, he finds out that she's been lying about her age and is way younger than he thought.

  • You're a child.

  • Then you lied to me.

  • O ther there's baton that is feisty.

  • She d g a.

  • F don't even get feminism.

  • I get called a girly girl like it's a bad thing.

  • There's a whole never have I ever seen, and Fatten puts all of her fingers down.

  • She's fierce and she knows it.

  • I mean, I'm not a friend Shelby Shelby is a good Southern girl at a family do Jesus.

  • I do pageants.

  • She's a beauty queen.

  • Ah, leader, pragmatic and practical in the interest of bringing us all together.

  • I'd like to propose a little ass breaker but is put together.

  • She appears I get the feeling that there's something below the surface that she's trying to hide.

  • Yeah, well, I've also shut down a 10 point, but then there's Martha Martha.

  • Despite being on the plane with her best friend from her reservation, Tony Martin.

  • Shelby hit it off immediately.

  • Has anyone ever told you have the most drop dead gorgeous eyes?

  • Martha is pretty chill.

  • She absolutely destroys her ankle and is pretty low key about it.

  • I'm fine.

  • Seriously, which not like me at all.

  • I would be screaming s march.

  • Eso Tony.

  • Tony is Martha's best friend and does not tra Shelby at all.

  • Am I right?

  • You know I'm right.

  • She might be a teeny bit jealous because Shelby's taking all of her friends attention, but she's only looking out for her friend Martha, who she's worried about on.

  • Then there's Nora Nora.

  • It's super sweet and super quiet, but also really smart.

  • You're smart, huh?

  • I just read a lot.

  • She's kind of lucky in the fact that she's the only one on this island whose family with her her sister Rachel.

  • But she's kind of unlucky that she's stuck with her sister, Rachel, on the island.

  • You were treating me like a child like you always do.

  • I mean, that's what we're here, right?

  • That's not true.

  • Yes, it is.

  • Rachel is an elite diver.

  • She is seriously driven, so driven that she's pushed herself dangerously to do well.

  • People always their talent get on my nerves.

  • She is the most motivated to get off this island because she has a shot at the Olympics.

  • And that's not gonna happen if she stuck on the side.

  • One bar in almost zero battery life left every second count.

  • And then there's Jeanette.

  • She's a fun loving optimist who loves popcorn.

  • And guess what I listen to most especially pink.

  • My play account says I like pink.

  • She is a rate of nonstop sunshine on.

  • Then there's dot thought is the person you'd want to be on a deserted island with.

  • You gotta get up and move around right here in shock she calls herself resourceful.

  • A folks man can't get into him because she's like your phones right there.

  • I've got a few questions about your cargo pants, just like storage.

  • She's also the person I would put money on to stay saying in this situation because she has seen some shit.

  • Thanks, dude.

  • So who my most like?

  • I would say, Baton, definitely.

  • Fatten puts fashion first, even when it comes to a deserted island.

  • She's always looking so good.

  • She somehow ended up on this island with her whole suitcase of designer clothing and as heaviest shit.

  • I don't know if that's admirable or just cool.

  • I would definitely do that, too.

  • She's super unapologetic with everything she says, and she keeps her chill, Which, to be honest, maybe, isn't me.

  • But I admire it in her.

  • This poetic guys.

  • I wanna know what character you're the most like.

  • So comment down below and let me know who you chose to try to figure us out.

  • There is no crazy.

  • There's only damage when you go looking for what caused it.

  • Don't waste your time on that island.

  • Don't forget to binge watch Amazon Prime Video is the wild on December 11, and if you're not a member already, you can activate a free trial and watch the Wild, along with other amazing Amazon originals and Siri's.

Hi, I'm Lindsay, and I'm here to talk about Amazon Prime videos, New Siri's, the wilds and which character I relate to the most.

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Lindsay Tells Us Which Character From The Wilds She Relates To The Most / By Buzzfeed & Amazon Prime

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