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  • now at least 27 people have been killed in an attack on the airport that serves the Yemeni city of Aden, according to local media.

  • They quoted three Yemeni government spokesman who also said that many more people had bean injured.

  • Three explosions happened soon after a plane carrying the country's new government touched down Let's go live to our chief international correspondent least do set at least very, very troubling scenes we've seen already emerging from those pictures.

  • But just describe to our viewers some of the background to what we've seen play out today.

  • Well, first of all, Matthew is just focused on those chilling images which have emerged.

  • A scene was being filmed.

  • The ceremony live with satellite cameras on the runway.

  • The red carpet rolled out as members of what was described as the unity government.

  • Hard work to put together, uh, two rival groups for control of the south of Yemen.

  • Finally arriving and you can see the security man coming out of the door of the plane with his security best, waving at people to get ready for the ceremony.

  • And then suddenly there's all of this smoke and blasts.

  • Uh, that that have now cause what you're reporting on many dead, many wounded, including your hearing reports of members of the International Committee of the Red Cross, who were also using this airport.

  • It was meant to be a day of political success for the government that's backed by Saudi Arabia.

  • They were flying from the Saudi capital, Riyadh, a new agreement.

  • They had four dr many months.

  • And it's not the first time that they have tried with their rivals a southern separatist group, the STC.

  • Um In the end, they were arriving as you've been reporting in what's regarded as their de facto capital in southern Yemen.

  • In Aden, of course, this is meant to be ah, unity so they could fight against their real enemy.

  • And that is the Houthis who now who now control much of northern Yemen, including the capital.

  • Sana on lease.

  • Is it possible even toe hazard?

  • Somewhat of a guess of what happens now.

  • It's gonna be another picking up the pieces and what is already ah, country shattered politically, economically shattered in every possible way.

  • A country divided and tourney on this was meant to be the first step toward at least the political unity of those forces fighting against the Houthis who are aligned to Iran.

  • And the hope, of course, was that the whole Tsering efforts halting efforts to try to get political negotiations underway could possibly be started.

  • Of course, many fear it would just be the chapter before an intensification of the war.

  • Either way, this is a very bad day indeed, bad most of all for Yemenis.

  • Million's of whom have we have been warned time and again are just a step away from starvation, a country which is not just one of the worst of the wars, also regarded as the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

  • Alright, least two said, thanks very much.

now at least 27 people have been killed in an attack on the airport that serves the Yemeni city of Aden, according to local media.

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Yemen war: Explosions at Aden airport as new government arrives - BBC News

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