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  • mhm.

  • Both of these guys should well matched against each other.

  • Yeah, I love how Martin Combe Eric has taken to heart.

  • Also trying to get that acts moving as quickly as possible.

  • Dubitsky moves to the other side of his block, just a stroke ahead of coma.

  • Rick and Co.

  • Merrick is now doing a great job as Devinsky finally breaks it open in 15 08 com, Rick and 16 34 two fantastic times from a couple of warriors.

  • Go very, very nice Start from both of them.

  • Coun Martin's with a faster down stroke.

  • Is he gonna be able to keep that pace?

  • He is in a 995 for Coon.

  • Martin's had a bit of an angle on the way up, and it's 11 40 for Martin Combe Eric 321 go.

  • That log is shaking from the huge hits that whoever is given it Dan on the other side, Fairy Swan has moved over already.

  • Be joining him, though, and very Swan is looking good.

  • He's got that one down in a good time.

  • 16 27 people in 17 97 the two other fast times on the day below the 20 mark, Fantastic job by both 21 Go and Fairy Swan, opting for a really quick, stocky strokes right off the hop Dubitsky doing the same thing.

  • Da Vinci has got a lot of power, but Fairy Swan is now opening up to the longer strokes.

  • Oh, no, he's cut off the cookie too early.

  • That means he's got to go back and cut the remainder of it.

  • And that is disappointment for Fairy Swan because he was looking very, very good like he was gonna win that heat and everybody has to go back in with the acts just to do some cleaning.

  • And Comerica's already getting his second pocket set.

  • That one looks like a I don't know if it was 45 hits there.

  • I wasn't quite sure about that because I was paying attention to what everybody was doing.

  • But Comerica's on top with a good angle on his board in a solid position.

  • Ono tweet about a has a little bit of a sag on his board.

  • You could really see that board sagging under his weight, and now he's gonna have to use his arms and shoulders mawr than he would be able to use with his legs in the mix as well and his hips putting some power into it.

  • And Cormorant definitely has the advantage here.

  • Just no holds barred.

  • Started working that top lock in 321 Go along.

  • Right in 846 A lot of hesitation in each of those cuts that for 321 go.

  • Oh, no, on it happened again.

  • A nod.

  • Angle cut.

  • And the chain came off the saw.

  • It looks like it actually broke out completely.

  • Maybe a different view of it here.

  • We could see what actually happened.

  • Yeah, he got stuck in there a little bit.

  • Too much pressure, and the changes broke off.

  • And that was that for Martin, Comrade.

  • Too bad you shut up.


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Michal Dubicki snatches virtual European Timbersports title

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/30
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