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  • Here's how the division stacks up right now gets very interesting.

  • Three teams have already locked up their respective divisions in the NFC.

  • Washington still went away from clinching the East.

  • Our analytics give Green Bay an 80% chance to be the number one overall seed.

  • So, Rex, I ask you, can anyone challenge the Packers in Green Bay?

  • Should they get that home field?

  • I don't think so.

  • And I'm going to say the reason is because of that run game of the Packers now.

  • So it's they could do both run and pass, and it's the play of their defense.

  • Their defense.

  • Ryan has improved by leaps and bounds over the last month of the season, and I think that that gives them a huge edge and also playing at home big edge.

  • I just think it's a tough out.

  • I don't think anybody is going into Lambeau and beat the Packers.

  • Dan.

  • They showed last night how dominant they can be in Lambeau, but they also talked about how tough it is to play in the cold, even for them.

  • I wonder if any team can come in here and take down this team, all right, I know I'm going to Green Bay and beating them.

  • Listen, the NFC playoffs will be about matchups.

  • It will be like a fight right fight that styles make fights.

  • The only team that I think in the NFC that can go into Green Bay and win would be a team that could be dominant in the run game and dominant on defense.

  • There's only one team in the NFC that has that, at least that DNA.

  • That's the Los Angeles Rams.

  • And if the Los Angeles Rams don't get in and we don't know the health of their quarterback than the Saints with their offense that they could play dominant, they could play dominant defense at times.

  • But they don't have the dominant run game and Drew Brees?

  • Is he gonna be able to be healthy enough and then really good enough in the past game?

  • I don't see that Tampa Bay has just been so roller coaster, and I would believe that Green based defensive front can get after Tampa Bay's offensive line.

  • So nobody.

  • I don't see anybody going in to be Green Bay.

  • I think that we're gonna have what we want, what we all want we all want in Tampa, we all want Patrick Mahomes verse Aaron Rodgers.

  • We want the Chiefs versus the Packers and kind of let the two heavyweights at that both at that position and football team knock it out against each other, and they're both playing the best at that position.

  • They're both got coaches that create open past concepts, that they create chunks in the past game and then both the most two most talented guys of the position.

  • So I don't see anyone going to Green Bay and winning.

  • All right, so, Rex, if we get what we want Green Bay, Kansas City, Super Bowl Are we in the Green Bay Packers looking at the Super Bowl champion?

  • I think we are, uh, to me.

  • And here's why I say it nothing that Kansas City?

  • Yes, we get it.

  • They've only lost one game.

  • They've also won eight games by single single digit scores and all that.

  • So a lot of close games now that is to their credit.

  • But you're not blowing teams out in style points or whatever.

  • I think this team is going like this.

  • What do you get excited about?

  • No, but let's get Let's get excited about them beating Atlanta in the last seconds of the thing.

  • This team right here, Green Bay is going like this, guys, and I don't care.

  • Look, I don't want him to win, either, dude.

  • I mean, the way they put that, I don't even want him to win a playoff game.

  • But my eyes were telling me that I'll take Green Bay if I had to put one chip in.

  • I'm putting it in on Green Bay.

  • Okay, damn go.

  • If I gotta put a chip in its in Kansas City like Rex makes good points.

  • Green Bay looks a lot like Kansas City did last year, right?

  • Their offense was absolutely ridiculous, and then their defense was like starting to play better.

  • Getting good enough, I have said for three months now I think the Bills are the only team are the best team to knock off the Chiefs, and I will put the Packers into that conversation.

  • But until somebody beats 15 and a meaningful game, I ain't betting against them.

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Here's how the division stacks up right now gets very interesting.

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