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  • A lot of people are sleepwalking, so I'm walking around like wake up.

  • Do you see what's going on?

  • Are you paying attention to what's happening?

  • Yeah, this is real.

  • This is serious.

  • You could die.

  • My name is Rita Macintosh, and I am housed a woman.

  • Her on valley.

  • I was moved Thio.

  • The MSC building, which is a warehouse with open gas, piped up on the ceiling.

  • It was very cold in there.

  • My heart rate was 135.

  • I had a temperature of 102.5 and they just put me into a room.

  • I couldn't breathe.

  • My chest was caving in.

  • I felt like I was going to die.

  • Way ended up catching it because we don't have that social distancing space way have 16 million, so 10 minutes.

  • So we have four Mansell's, and that's just not possible when they're in rooms that are built like a closet.

  • Unhealthy roundhouse on.

  • And I'm in here on Valley Correction Facility.

  • My bunkie Susan Farrell.

  • She went to the desk, told the desk that she wasn't feeling well.

  • They told her to go lie down that they were gonna call healthcare I was walking past my room.

  • It appeared as my bunkie was having a stroke.

  • I yell for the officers on.

  • Then she appeared as she couldn't breathe.

  • And the officer doesn't look pain like she didn't know what to do.

  • She didn't want to step into the room, and I watched her take her last breath.

  • Healthcare came to her with the oxygen tank, and by then she had already passed.

  • Was my name is your car more?

  • And I'm serving an eight year sentence at woman here on Valley Correctional Facility.

  • It was about, like 2030 beds back there.

  • They literally just bolted bunks to the cement and it was just stealing on my feeling him up.

  • Then it would get so hot in there to the point that people couldn't breathe.

  • We didn't have no windows open or anything like that.

  • We're still people were still human beings.

A lot of people are sleepwalking, so I'm walking around like wake up.

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Covid in prison: 'We should be treated like humans' - BBC News

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