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  • now, experts in the care sector say that they're concerned that the U.

  • K's new immigration rules will limit the ability to recruit enough staff to care for the elderly and the disabled in England is estimated that there are 112,000 job vacancies in care homes on in the home care sector from January.

  • The new rules will mean that most overseas care workers will not earn enough to qualify for a work visa.

  • But ministers say the care companies will be able to recruit enough people from within the UK.

  • As our social affairs correspondent Allison Holt explains now, Hello, my name is Pedro.

  • I'm from Spain is where I live in Montreal.

  • This is the home that 22 year old Pedro is leaving with just days before the end of the Brexit transition.

  • He's heading to Cornwall to become a care worker.

  • Residential homes there can't recruit enough local staff.

  • I knew I should do something to help.

  • This is why I decided to work in a curse center.

  • There are an estimated 112 0 care vacancies in England alone.

  • Everything is fine.

  • Many who are recruited, like Pedro, make the journey from the U.

  • This is his new home in Penzance.

  • Old Man.

  • A residential home has recently been refurbished, but there aren't enough staff to reopen it.

  • Hello, you must be.

  • It's run by Mary Anson.

  • She's recruited six people from the U.

  • Before the rules change, they'll start working one of her other homes, but she hopes it will allow her to bring new residents in here just empty and waiting for someone to occupy.

  • It is a shame.

  • It's a terrible waste, all for the lack of staff or sufficient stuff.

  • We've got some great stuff, but just not enough off.

  • Um, on that pool of people coming and living here is going to decline.

  • Home care providers, also one of increased staffing problems as most new UK arrivals will have to earn over £25,000 a year, much more than the majority of care workers get.

  • We call on the government in the short Thio, add care workers to the shortage occupation list and then in the longer term, to make good on their promises to fix social care so that we can invest properly in the workforce.

  • If you want to do something important care for others in April is the first wave of co vid 19 peaked.

  • The government rolled out a recruitment drive, the BBC has been told.

  • By the end of July, the campaign had shortlisted just 716 people.

  • We need you now and they need you always.

  • But the government says it's had tens of thousands of applications across its platforms, which have helped cut the vacancy rate.

  • Mhm and covert has forced some, like Christian, to rethink their careers.

  • He was an airline cabin manager, but needing a change after getting the virus and being furloughed, he now works in a West Sussex care home.

  • Here you still got call bells, and you still got trolleys to push around here.

  • It's a bit more special than them, a lot more special.

  • I leave here and I'm feeling I'm doesn't think pretty good with myself on for somebody else on.

  • For many, the pandemic has highlighted the need to do much more to recognize the importance of care workers.

now, experts in the care sector say that they're concerned that the U.

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Warnings of care staffing crisis due to new Brexit immigration rules - BBC News

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