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  • with the enormous contract of wince.

  • What should the Eagles do going forward?

  • The numbers on the contract make it nearly impossible to move him.

  • He signed a massive four year extension in June of last year.

  • He would cost the Eagles close to $60 million on the salary cap if he isn't on the roster next season.

  • But Mike Tannenbaum again.

  • Not only are you a former general manager, but you were also the Kabbalah gist, if you will.

  • I remember many years ago for the Jets, so the salary cap is kind of your area of expertise, and you have an idea for how all of this can be worked out that, well, Maybe benefit the Eagles and benefit went, Let's hear it.

  • So right now, if Carson Wentz was traded, as is before he earned a roster bonus, he would count $33.8 million on Phillies cap next year.

  • However, under the rules greeny.

  • If Carson Wentz wrote a check for $20 million before the end of the 2020 league year, the Eagles will get a credit next year, meaning he would only be 13,800,000 on their cap in 2021 which is a very reasonable number.

  • At the same time, Carson Wentz could go take two visits.

  • Presumably, it would be to New England and, most importantly, the Indianapolis Colts.

  • Because Frank writes, hadn't before.

  • They've had a lot of success.

  • He could take a physical and re negotiated contract.

  • The contract to be would be really easy.

  • Keep paying Carson Wentz $32 million a year, which is what he was making, and have the Colts pay him a signing bonus of $20 million.

  • So he is now made whole, and he keeps on going on his contract.

  • If I'm the Colts or the Patriots in that matter, I'm paying roughly $38 million a year, which is 32 year for three years.

  • Plus the 20 million, which is high but still less than Shawn Watson and then in terms of the trade compensation for the Eagles.

  • To me, it would be a second round pick in 2021 if the new team, the Colts or the Patriots make the playoffs during the 21 season, then the Eagles will get an additional second round pick in 2022.

  • So if I'm Philadelphia, I have a very manageable dead money of 13.8.

  • I have the potential of getting two second round picks for a player that lets face it needs a fresh start and you still have Jalen hurts.

  • And if I'm the Colts or the Patriots greeny, I now have a young quarterback 27 years old who's played well, and I've given up reasonable draft compensation, and I'm paying him a little bit more than I want.

  • But now I have the player I need for the next three years under contract.

  • Well, so there's so many pieces of that to unpack.

  • So this is something that player could do that I didn't even know existed until you brought this up in our notes yesterday.

  • So I'm fascinated by the concept.

  • The first piece of this has to be.

  • Either the Colts or the Patriots decide they want to hitch their wagon to Carson went for the next few years.

  • Bart Scott?

  • Is he that player?

  • Can he be rejuvenated into a top flight NFL quarterback again?

  • I think he absolutely can you think about?

  • He's 27 years old at one point he was a M V P candidate before he got injured.

  • But the problem with him and he's been hit so much.

  • I mean, I know that the old addicts and sports that fatigue makes cowards of us all.

  • Well, in the terms of the NFL quarterback, getting your head bounced off the turf makes cowards of us all.

  • You know what?

  • Quarterback can be a good quarterback.

  • This team got old really fast, you know, and and he's taking a benefit.

  • He's taking the birth of that because of the team has got old.

  • If he goes to a team like the coach with Frank, right?

  • We're trying to figure out who's gonna win this.

  • This this this, UM, game of chicken between him and Doug Peterson.

  • You think about Doug Peterson?

  • I think the Bloom is kind of falling off of Doug Peterson.

  • Doug Peterson is, you know, let's see what he is without DeFilippo.

  • Let's see what he is without Frank, right?

  • Because I think he's been a finger pointer this year, not a thumb pointer.

  • I think Carson Wentz still can play and play well in his league.

  • Look at this.

  • He's been sacks 50 times.

  • If he goes to Indianapolis, he gets that synergy back with Frank, right, and he's gonna make sure that he could be able to burp the baby.

  • This is a team that's in their window of winning, and also you think about what the coasts are playing at the quarterback position this year between you go be present in between Philip Rivers.

  • They're paying $40 million.

  • So I think this is a bit of a discount and you get a guy that's built in the same, I believe makeup of Andrew Luck, a player that they lost.

  • And it might to go to the other side of this, which is the Patriots.

  • And you know Bill Belichick well, and we've spent a lot of time wondering who's his next quarterback going to be your telling us?

  • Carson Wentz is the kind of quarterback he would like.

  • Greedy?

  • Absolutely.

  • If I'm the Patriots, this is an unexpected opportunity.

  • If you go over Coach Bell checks career, he wants big, physical, strong athletic quarterbacks.

  • Carson Wentz fits that mold and to give up a second round pick and pay him about 38 year.

  • That's a great opportunity for New England, and I think it's something they're gonna look into in the off season if once is available.

  • Alright, so fascinating possibility.

  • And one again that I think a lot of people, including myself, did not know existed.

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with the enormous contract of wince.

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