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  • There are a lot of potatoes on North Korean television lately.

  • That's quite a random observation, you might say.

  • But experts say it's a sign the regime is deeply worried about the future.

  • More and more North Korean, uh, gunnery show, they again begin to use potatoes.

  • Not only this traditional usage of potato potato was used instead off white rice instead off flower.

  • So instead of normal ingredients, potato themed movies like this one from 2010 are also being shown again on state TV.

  • Oh, eso is the Potato Pride song.

  • So why is this happening?

  • Potatoes have a long history in North Korean propaganda.

  • Potato means difficult times because traditional Korean diet is based on white rice.

  • It's a symbol off prosperity.

  • There are fears that North Korea could see its worst famine since the 19 nineties.

  • The country faces a severe food shortage.

  • You took over 19 restrictions.

  • Extreme weather on harsh economic sanctions.

  • Supreme leader Kim Jong un was visibly emotional when he talked about the country struggles in October.

  • The current emphasis on potatoes may not be a good thing.

  • In the 19 nineties, when the country faced similar hunger problems, the leader at the time Kim Jong Il called for a potato revolution.

  • Judging by the previous experience in North Korean media.

  • Return off Potato comeback of potato It is probably the sign off some difficulties with North Korean food situation.

There are a lot of potatoes on North Korean television lately.

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Why is North Korean potato propaganda back? - BBC News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/28
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