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  • As for donkeys.

  • He's had ankle issues in the past, including missing a dozen games last season with what the team listed his ankle sprains and soreness.

  • Also missed a game in early March with Achilles soreness, missed 14 games and all also sat out 10 games as a rookie.

  • Let's bring in our N B A.

  • Analyst, Tim Legler.

  • Now.

  • So, Legs as greatest Luca is, and Caesars William Hill has him as the favorite to win the MVP this season.

  • He has shown durability issues as a young player.

  • How valid are concerns there?

  • Well, listen, I think he's a big, strong guy that you know, plays a certain game that is predicated on body contact.

  • He loves using his size to his advantage to get into the lane, but I think it's a fair concern with the amount of hits he takes.

  • I think Luca dockets for a young star player in this league is a little bit of a target.

  • When you play the Dallas Mavericks, you have to be able to put a body on him in multiple bodies on him, and the way that he plays in the amount of contact draws leaves himself susceptible to a lot of hits A lot of nights.

  • Uh, that would be my biggest concern.

  • But look, what you gonna do?

  • He's one of the best players in the N B A.

  • He's gonna be out there for 35 40 minutes, pretty much every night on I think, where you will start to maybe not be as concerned down the road is when the Dallas Mavericks finally have enough help around him to take some of the pressure off of him.

  • So he doesn't feel like he's going out there nights, David, where he's gotta win the game by himself.

  • I think there are too many nights like that, and that's when Luca is more prone for some of this contact with some of these hits.

  • He takes one of the other things that he needs to shore up to maybe take fewer hits.

  • He needs to be more consistent after free throw line, because until he starts making teams pay by becoming an 85 90% foul shooter, he is going to earn him when he goes into the lane.

  • That right now is the book of Luke Adachi because right now is a good chance he's gonna be a one for two type of guy at the line.

  • He needs to tighten that up, and then he's gonna take less hits because, you know, you're basically giving them to free points.

  • Miss Foul shots a theme night to in the n b.

  • A honest missing his.

  • And look, I've got to get better from the Lina's.

  • Well, Zion, we saw had a big second half.

  • But you're more impressed actually with the pelicans defense in this game.

  • Why, what stood out to you?

  • Well, Ashley, last year, this team was one of the worst defensive teams in the n B A.

  • And you never used the word physical to describe them at any point.

  • And when you take a look at opening night a culture change, I think in New Orleans they understand.

  • Now with the new coaching regime what it's gonna take toe actually be considered relevant and maybe eventually grow into a contender in the Western Conference.

  • And that means you've got to get stops and you've got to take that into the floor seriously.

  • So for me to play against a team like Toronto that has guys on that team that are championship pedigree and to hold them to 99 points.

  • Opening night is a great sign because in today's MBA, it's very difficult to hold any team under 100 points.

  • But to do it against a team like Toronto that has that type of cohesion offensively shows you the extra effort.

  • Plays were being made particularly impressed with their front line because when you look at that starting front court of Brandon Ingram, Zion Williamson, and then I think Steven Adams, one of the more underrated acquisitions in the N b.

  • A.

  • In the off season, those guys collectively 37 rebounds upfront, four blocked shots.

  • They were giving you rim protection.

  • They were giving you deterrence in the lane.

  • They were hitting, people are.

  • The rotations were on point, and I just thought their overall effort toe outrebounded team like Toronto opening night.

  • Hold them the 99 points.

  • To me, that bodes very well for being able to take this team seriously here.

  • As we move into the season, we know they're gonna put up numbers.

  • They've got a lot of offensive talent.

  • I wanted to see the commitment on the other end and at least for a night.

  • They certainly showed that Yep, opening night Strong will try to do it again as they kick off tomorrow's Christmas Day slate.

  • They're going to face the heat at noon on ESPN.

  • Tim Legler with us on SportsCenter Thank you so much.

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As for donkeys.

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