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  • Welcome back to the jump.

  • Look who came to join us.

  • Richard Jefferson.

  • We just played some clips, RJ of your conversation with LeBron James with Channing Frye and Allie Clifton.

  • And one of the things that caught a lot of people's attention was him calling the 2016 title and the 2020 title the toughest ever an MBA history.

  • Now I will certainly give him that 2016 title because he had to play with you so that automatically just right.

  • I mean, that's that's an arguable now.

  • And, of course, yeah, coming back from 31 for the first time in finals history and a two time M V p.

  • But the fact that you were in that that that that's off the table.

  • But this 2021 2 with the bubble we've heard Richard, you and I have had people say to us.

  • What do you mean?

  • The bubble was hard?

  • Come on, Millionaires.

  • Staying in a luxury hotel, blah, blah, blah.

  • What did you make when he said that to you?

  • Well, I believe them because Rachel, you and I were there.

  • We saw there was no home court.

  • There was no like, Oh, our home crowd is going to pick us up.

  • There were no fans.

  • Their toe have that excitement.

  • So everything that you had to muster it was internally.

  • It was.

  • How much did you have inside of you to go out there with no friends?

  • No, Like very limited family members that couldn't cheer.

  • There was nothing there for you to build off on other than just what you can go on accomplished.

  • And also, I was reminded by a producer that they want a championship in a shortened year in a lockout year.

  • So if you had to break down coming back from 31 playing in a bubble and winning a lot and winning via a lockout where you don't have much time to prepare your bodies can can deacon dish in Show me some lies.

  • If there is another example of a tougher championship from a unique space, I haven't seen it.

  • What do you think, Burke?

  • Well, look, Richard, listen, I think LeBron intel no lives.

  • But what I mean, a glass of wine and r j gets all the tea from LeBron James.

  • And you gotta look, when you look at what he did in 2016.

  • Rachel like, you're right.

  • That's one of the greatest championships in NBA history and in sports history, in my opinion.

  • And when you talk about what he did down in the bubble, we saw all the guys jokingly talk about when they left the bubble, they just finished doing the bed and how mentally tough it was and how they was happy to be home and went on vacation to their favorite restaurants.

  • And you had to be mentally tough.

  • So I see no lives that LeBron James has said when he said, This is two of the toughest championships in the N B A history and he was part of it is really well, I like approaching the greatest of all time conversation from this perspective on Lian that we've looked.

  • The three of us have talked about this plenty.

  • Right?

  • People are great in different ways in different eras.

  • It's just a fact and you go back to Wilt and Kareem and everyone has such recency bias.

  • But there were a lot of guys who played in this league who have been exceptional and LeBron emphasizing the ways he has been exceptional.

  • I think is the right way to talk about him versus Michael Jordan or anything else that you want to compare.

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Welcome back to the jump.

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Reacting to LeBron calling the 2016 & 2020 titles the 'toughest ever' | The Jump

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