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  • now.

  • Green did not chime in on all the talk about how the Warriors had just been schooled, although Steve Kerr did joking.

  • It was some sort of basketball karma for all the times the K D Warriors had done that to other teams in recent years.

  • Still, I would caution anyone from making one of those seven second rushes to judgment on Golden State.

  • No, the Warriors air clearly not an elite team right now.

  • Without Clay.

  • We knew that already.

  • They are also likely not as bad as what we saw last night, which was rookie James Wiseman's first game and a game Draymond didn't even play.

  • The same caution about first impressions also applies to the Clippers and Lakers, who kicked off the night with the most unusual ring ceremony in MBA history and finished it with some destroyed to play and LeBron James sitting out the game's final eight minutes with a rolled ankle.

  • Now I was in the mostly empty Staples Center last night, and I could tell you the whole vibe was just well, as weird and disorienting is everything else has been this year, which is why, when not long after the game started.

  • Paul George bounced the past Thio.

  • I don't I don't know Here.

  • The referee.

  • It wasn't shocking to me that he was taking a minute to get his bearings.

  • Of course, MBA Twitter is MBA Twitter.

  • So we got a lot of this again, though first impressions aren't always correct, and P G's Night was about to get better.

  • A lot better.

  • A dominant 33 points.

  • Better where we saw PG do stuff like yes, mhm, yeah, so that's good to see again.

  • And this.

  • The performance certainly seemed to back up what Paul has been saying for weeks that finally having to healthy shoulders was making a world of difference from last season.

  • It also underscored how the franchise listened to him when he publicly complained about not being put enough pick and rolls last night.

  • Nearly 70% of P G's possessions were picked plays, and the Clippers also gave him more flexibility within each of those possessions, which directly lead to 34 of his points or 34 points overall.

  • So how much stock should we put in all of what we saw last night?

  • Not too much after all.

  • Scientists have also found snap judgments.

  • The ones we make in those early seven seconds are often just patently untrue.

  • Apparently, we have to give these teams at least I don't know two games.

  • Then I'm sure we'll know everything.

  • Vince, I love those Paul George stats.

  • I love seeing him thrive and answer the challenge.

  • Last night.

  • What do you think the Clippers could do to continue getting that version of Paul George?

  • Nothing.

  • I think, in my opinion, I think it's business as usual.

  • We've seen Paul George have great regular season.

  • They need him to be prolific elite, one of the best 5 to 10 players in the N B A.

  • In the postseason.

  • So right now, this is just revving up getting warm for the postseason.

  • So I think, yeah, put him in the pick and roll situations that he wants.

  • Well, he feels like he could thrive.

  • Okay, fine.

  • We're gonna put you there, but we need you toe bring this same energy.

  • An effort in the postseason for them to win.

  • Yeah, I agree.

  • And here it is.

  • Paul.

  • George is a phenomenal player.

  • No one could take that from him.

  • He's elite two way player.

  • One of the elite two way players in the game today.

  • I think the biggest challenge for Paul George is his mental and the best thing that happened for Paul George Waas type Loop Thai Lewis, a coach that not only he would get on you, but he could relate to you.

  • So he's almost like a friend slash brother slash coach.

  • They would get the best out of Paul George and he listens to his players.

  • You could tell Paul George is playing with a clutter free mine and his showed on the court and, like this, said, we never doubted his talent in the regular season.

  • It's when he get tough and when it matters the most in the postseason.

  • What Paul, Georgia, we're going to see.

  • Are we going to see the Paul George that have those Let those 5, 15 nights or he's gonna be locked in.

  • He's gonna block out all the distractions.

  • He might need to take the chapter out of LeBron James book and go dark mode where you get off of social media that just have straight tunnel vision, and I think that would help him a lot.

  • Yeah, that's a great point.

  • Perk I want to get to the other game from last night.

  • Yeah, go ahead.

  • That sort of add one thing to that.

  • And I think, you know.

  • And he should use the regular season as practice as the's big games, the Christmas Games and any big games that they have.

  • He that should be his approach playoff mode.

  • Everything is two playoff mode.

  • They felt like they had a let down.

  • And this didn't happen that everything should be geared towards and predicated to how we're gonna play in the playoffs starting now.

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