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  • We've always folded our belongings but for today's consumers,

  • who own more and more stuff, it's essential.

  • Next to get the folded treatment is technology.

  • Samsung and Huawei have both announced plans to release foldable smartphones.

  • So is this the dawn of a new mobile era?

  • What we have seen over the last two or three years is a huge increase on the screen size.

  • However that's not enough

  • and that's why we will see a huge number of devices over the next years becoming foldable.

  • After years of growth in the smartphone market, shipments of smartphones have actually

  • been in decline since 2016. The industry is hoping that foldable phones will change that.

  • Customers don't want to have a tablet and a phone

  • and so we feel this is the perfect solution for those customers.

  • Samsung have unveiled their first ever foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold.

  • Six cameras, two batteries and a tablet-sized screen but I haven't been able to get my hands on it.

  • We've been actually researching and doing the R & D on this device for 10 years now.

  • So we had the technology, but it was how do we bring that to life

  • and how do we bring that to life in a device that's going to be robust enough.

  • Samsung's foldable phone however faces stiff competition from Huawei.

  • Just over there is Huawei's Mate X. The Chinese company have unveiled not just a foldable phone,

  • but a 5G foldable phone and we've even seen it in the flesh.

  • The Mate X has three cameras and when unfolded has an eight inch screen.

  • The Galaxy Fold however has six cameras but it's tablet size display is only 7.3 inches.

  • I love the design of it. I love the fact they've utilized the outside, the big screen on the outside of the phone.

  • You know there are some pros and cons to both designs.

  • It looks like Huawei's really spent a lot of time thinking about the design

  • and how it's going to be used in everyday life, which I don't feel Samsung's done quite as well.

  • We haven't touched them, we haven't used them

  • You know the proof is in the pudding. How does it actually work out in real life?

  • So in terms of price, how do the two foldable phones compare?

  • Samsung's Galaxy Fold will set you back an eye watering $1,980.

  • However, to buy Huawei's Mate X will cost you a whole lot more, around $2,600.

  • So could these high prices put off smartphone users?

  • That's something that many consumers will be saying definitely, this is not worth it

  • but there's always a group of early adopters that are keen to pay these kind of price points

  • for something that is innovative, disruptive and to be the first ones showing those kind of devices.

  • At the moment it's first generation and people are curious about it,

  • but then they need to get to know what the product can do.

  • Chinese smartphone brands Oppo and Xiaomi both teased a foldable phone.

  • However in the case of Xiaomi, it's still working on improving the device's user experience.

  • You want to make a very good user experience, find a killer application,

  • you need to have a lot of work to do with it.

  • And what about Apple? The tech giant, that prides itself on innovation,

  • has revealed a patent for a folding iPhone, but that's all we know.

  • They will let Samsung, Huawei and other vendors to learn, to make mistakes

  • and then take all that expertise to make it even better.

  • Hi guys, thanks for watching our video.

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We've always folded our belongings but for today's consumers,

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