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  • MAN: Transylvania, the name conjures it all--

  • dense pine, impassable, craggy cliffs, thick ground fog.

  • This is the mythic forest of your childhood nightmare.

  • Bran Castle, billed as the last standing relic of a man some

  • call Dracula.

  • The story goes that Romania's bottomless well of tyranny,

  • catastrophe, and overall human misery

  • can all be traced back to one terrifying ruler

  • and his supernatural evil.

  • Ah, OK.

  • So have you ever heard of the curse of Vlad Tepes?

  • Yeah.

  • He lost his wife.

  • He lost his dynasty.

  • He lost his family.

  • And he signed a document in order

  • to bring a curse down against his enemy,

  • and he promised that he will return.

  • That was his curse, and I will take revenge against those

  • that they betrayed me.

  • He was killed, and his body was buried in a monastery

  • nearby Bucharest.

  • Later on when they opened the coffin,

  • they never found his body, which is quite creepy.

  • Yeah, right.

  • You do start to wonder what if he's coming back again?

  • So you'd be worried if you were his enemy.

  • You might be a little nervous. - Oh, yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • MAN: Vlad spent much of his life constructing

  • a fearsome persona.

  • In some ways, his reputation was so extreme that it

  • haunts the entire world.

  • MAN: Gross.

  • MAN: Oh my god.

  • Three days.

  • MAN: Yeah.

  • What are some of the other ways he would do it?

  • Wow.

  • He sounds like a really nice guy.

  • MAN: Yeah, fascists always say that.

  • Once he took power in 1448, Vlad began

  • a lifelong battle to protect his country

  • from invaders from all sides--

  • Hungarians, rival Nobles, but, most

  • of all, the ever expanding ruthless Ottoman Empire,

  • Vlad's mortal enemy.

  • The other kings and rulers of his time had surrendered,

  • and they all paid tribute.

  • But Vlad fought on with a sheer hatred that defies description

  • perhaps because the Ottomans had kidnapped him as a child,

  • and by the time his father and brother were killed,

  • his hatred had grown so virulent that we still make TV shows

  • about him 600 years later.

  • Vlad, himself, he was right here.

  • Yeah, right here.

  • MAN: Amazing.

  • Wow.

  • You know, 600 years ago, there was a real person here.

  • Vlad the Impaler looked out his little window,

  • thought about revenge.

MAN: Transylvania, the name conjures it all--

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The History of Vlad the Impaler | Atlas of Cursed Places

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