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  • the reigning M V P, who just got paid Jonathan Jacobo and the Bucks.

  • What should be at the top of their wish list max a time machine so they could go back in time and convince Meritage to not go to Europe so they could go back in time and signed Malcolm Brogdon and whether or not they saw him in their long term future, he becomes an asset that they could move matchup salaries.

  • Bring in a dude like Chris Paul when he's available.

  • No disrespect to Drew Holiday.

  • And who says you can't have both?

  • Because they could both play off the ball so that they can shut up long enough for the Bogdanovich deal to go through.

  • And they could add the shooting and the playmaking to the backcourt that they need.

  • The fact is, the new Ciba is Adam Silver told Stephen A.

  • Smith on this show a couple days ago is working as intended.

  • The Supermax people aren't turning it down 225 million.

  • You're not bouncing, you know, if you think you even have a shot so they still have Yanis, but they have ah, much less of a chance for a championship because of those mistakes they've made in the recent past.

  • I don't think it's that complicated.

  • I think what they need more than anything is consistent.

  • Perimeter shooting from IANA center to compose Remember, Come playoff time, you back off this dude, you make sure that you do what you can to patrol the pain and try to keep him out as best as you possibly can and try to turn him into a jump shooter because he's a minimal threat from that position.

  • And as a result, that's why you end up losing four straight in the Eastern Conference finals to the Toronto Raptors a couple of years ago.

  • It's why you end up getting bounced in five games in the semifinals to the Miami Heat because ultimately, if they're able to minimize, you're patrol you to some degree by by making you shoot jump shots, and that's not what you could do.

  • It hurts the rest of the team.

  • He is the two time reigning league MVP.

  • He averages 30.

  • We know how formidable he is, particularly in the open court playoff basketball.

  • You get back on defense, you forced him to shoot perimeter shots if he can't do it.

  • They can't win.

  • He needs to become a better shooter from the perimeter.

  • Ah, better threat.

  • Helping to spread the floor for other people is, well, that's what they need most.

  • Well, you know, the thing about the Milwaukee Bucks is is that I strongly believe that they have a pretty damn good starting five or starting five that could match up with any starting five in the n B a.

  • Now what I do think that they need the most is who's gonna be that guy off the bench to give them that 15 to 16 points tonight?

  • Occasionally give them 20 off the bench, and I think that guy might be by Bobby Portis.

  • He's underrated player in the league.

  • Don't get enough credit for what he brings to the table.

  • He could get buckets when they when they want to go small and movie honest to the five and stretch the floor with him at the floor.

  • He's capable of coming in and providing good minutes.

  • So I'm looking at Bobby Portis.

  • Ah, hell of a pick up for the Milwaukee books.

  • I just want to see him come in off that bench and be what carries the vert is gonna be for the Brooklyn Nets.

  • All right to the Celtics guys.

  • Jayson Tatum will be in action when the Nets come to town.

  • Stephen A.

  • What should be on the top of Boston's Christmas list this year.

  • Healthy.

  • Kemba Walker.

  • You need him in the lineup.

  • You need him with that crossover with those ball handling skills with his perimeter play, particularly his ability to hit shots in the clutch from the perimeter, which helped spread the floor for Boston and gives Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum that much more room, and that much more makes them that much more of a threat to operate.

  • Kemba Walker is a key to these guys right now, and I know what I said about him earlier and all of those things apply, particularly when you're going up against a team like Brooklyn.

  • But Kimball Walker's no joke.

  • He could put the ball in the hole.

  • We saw what he did in carrying the Charlotte Hornets franchise for all of those years.

  • He was that guy.

  • If he's any semblance of that guy for Boston, they obviously become far more formidable.

  • The number one thing they should be wishing for is a healthy Kemba Walker.

  • Well, I was gonna say they need a contractor, a good Windows guy.

  • You know, like if you want to get more light in the room, you expand the window because they need to expand their window.

  • I thought a couple days ago, because the Nets have come up in the world because Darrell Moore is in Philly now.

  • They're coming up because of Milwaukee, where Kendrick Perkins just told you about Milwaukee.

  • But I got to tell you the truth.

  • After watching Jalen Brown play, I think what they really need is toe hope that Jalen Brown is as good as Jason Tatum.

  • That that's the real competition, that those to push each other because the distance between one and one A is not what I thought it was.

  • Jalen Brown.

  • If he's really this dude that we saw Game one, the Celtics are a problem.

  • I agree with you, Max.

  • Jalen Brown is a rising star, and it is one a one B with him and Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown shoulders flashes.

  • Last year and the bubble, he was arguably the most consistent player for the Boston Celtics in the playoffs.

  • And now, with Kemba Walker being hurt, Gordon Haywood moving on the keys are in his hand.

  • The ball is in his court to show the world that he belongs in a conversation with the All Stars.

  • But when I look at this Boston team, I want to see what these two vets that they added in the off season is gonna bring to the table and that this Tristian Thompson and Jeff T.

  • Both of these guys had a phenomenal Game one.

  • In my opinion, uh, Jeff Teague set the tone off the bench and was a huge spark.

  • Tristian Thompson had 12 and 18 like 22 minutes in his first debut with the Boston Celtics.

  • So those two guys, especially Tristian Thompson, with that championship pedigree.

  • Not only am I looking for him to bring that tenacity that forced that energy, but I'm also looking to him to bring that leadership of being in that locker room and holding guys accountable, bringing guys together, making sure guys don't stray away.

  • So I'm looking at these two guys as veterans that still could produce in this league at a high level to come in and impact this Celtic roster.

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the reigning M V P, who just got paid Jonathan Jacobo and the Bucks.

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