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  • Hey, this is baby go challenging, I think e ther e.

  • Can you repeat that again?

  • E.

  • That's a beautiful fast break.

  • Yeah, you know, that's the main thing.

  • Stars like LeBron James Shine.

  • He finished with 22.7 boards and 10 assists in the Lakers.

  • Won 38 1 15 win over the Babs.

  • But even the King who have an off moment LeBron airBaltic free throw in the third quarter and gave this interesting explanation for it after the game.

  • I told you the other night When I drink, wine goes from straight down to the left side of my body.

  • Tonight I shot the free throw right hand, so that did not have had a side effect.

  • So I'm gonna see if I could drink some wine if I could shoot it down to the right side of my body.

  • Maybe the help of my free throw.

  • I won't give me a little bit more stretch.

  • So where it doesn't hit absolutely nothing.

  • So we said, See what happens.

  • Maybe I need a drink upside down tonight.

  • Maybe backfire style.

  • Who is it?

  • Listen, the man was doing something right.

  • E.

  • LeBron now has 10 wins on Christmas, which is tied for the most in NBA history after dropping 22 against the Mavericks past Oscar Robertson for the second most points on Christmas Day in NBA history.

  • LeBron now Onley trails Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, Eh?

  • NBA full Court Press.

  • Now starting with the Lakers.

  • Of the four big off season acquisitions for the Lakers, two of them, Montrezl Harrell and Dennis Shrewder, already looked right at home, while two of them, Marc Gasol, Wesley Matthews are still finding their footing of Harolyn shrewder, who combined for 40 points on 17 for 24 shooting on Christmas.

  • LeBron James said.

  • They quote, add to our firepower, Gasol.

  • Matthews, meanwhile, combined for just four points after combining for zero points on opening night.

  • Anthony Davis said the Lakers air quote asking a lot of Gasol on Matthews on defense, so their offense will come the next test for the one on one Lakers.

  • Is it back to back Sunday and Monday against the Wolves and Blazers added a D about integrating all those new pieces.

  • Quote.

  • It's a good problem to have.

  • It was a scary moment for the Los Angeles Clippers when Kawhi Leonard went down after colliding with Serge Ibaka late in the game.

  • There was a lot of blood on the court as CO I was holding his mouth, but eventually after medical staff came onto the floor and Serge stayed with him the entire time, so I was able to stand up and walk off of the court under his own power.

  • I'm told that he got eight stitches to treat a what the team is calling a mouth laceration.

  • And Ty Lue said after the game that he believes Kawhi Leonard is quote going to be fine.

  • Looked in the third period like Kevin Durant and Kyrie, Irving decided the game should be decided in this exact moment.

  • They outscored the Celtics just the two of them, 25 to 23 it was triggered in any number of beautiful offensive ways.

  • Kevin Durant went on fire, went toe work.

  • It didn't matter if it was transition at the Cup fade away.

  • Three pointer.

  • He had it all.

  • Kyrie Irving's ability against Marcus Smart to hit tough threes despite good defense.

  • Uh, they are a handle.

  • They put defense is in a bind.

  • And let's not forget the great play of the support pieces.

  • Caris.

  • Levert had a stretch early, where he was dominant.

  • Jared Allen, I thought, was tremendous at the rim on both ends of the floor.

  • This is a talented, deep Brooklyn team driven by two brilliant stars.

  • Thank you, Doris.

  • So far this season, anytime K D has been on the court, Kyrie has been right next to him.

  • They've played 58 minutes together this season, outscoring their opponents by 57 points there, the fifth duo to each score 50 points across the first two games.

  • His teammates over the last 25 seasons.

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Hey, this is baby go challenging, I think e ther e.

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Kawhi Leonard received 8 stitches after collision with Serge Ibaka - Malika Andrews | SportsCenter

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