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  • All right, Max.

  • The seas face off against you know who K d Kyrie in the Nets.

  • Brooklyn's coming to town.

  • Max.

  • What should be a top Brooklyn's wish list?

  • Well, under the tree.

  • The Brooklyn Nets should want to see absolutely nothing.

  • Not a damn thing.

  • They have to hope.

  • Everyone forgot it was Christmas for them.

  • They need no injuries, no setbacks, no trades, no big ideas about bringing in James Harden.

  • No nothing.

  • The Brooklyn Nets should want things to remain exactly as they are, because if they do, they're coming out of the East.

  • Well, injuries.

  • The first thing to avoid injuries for K D and and and Kyrie both to be healthy because we both know with Katie's Achilles and carries right shoulder.

  • Obviously, those were things that served as an impediment to their success last year.

  • But the other thing I think, to point out, is that no distractions from Kyrie let him let him make sure he's locked in and focused and ready to do nothing but ball on the supreme and significant level.

  • No distractions from Kyrie.

  • That's what you have.

  • Everything else is in place.

  • You're absolutely right.

  • I agree with both of y'all.

  • The biggest Keith the biggest wish list.

  • The biggest wish for the Brooklyn Nets is to make sure Caris, Levert State locked in and be a star in his role.

  • And that's being that guy that comes in off the bench as they six man and being that Manu Ginobili, like Steve Nash said in the interview, and providing that 20 points a game.

  • All right, let's move to the final game of our slate.

  • Jamal, the Joker, the Nuggets, they're all gonna be in action.

  • What should be a top of the Nuggets wish list?

  • Stephen A.

  • For me personally, if I could just be if I could just sit up there and bless somebody and give them a miracle, I'd like for Yokich to be able to jump onto a curb.

  • I mean, show some kind of hops, get some kind of the lessons because he's got everything else.

  • He's got everything else.

  • I mean, the brother could shoot, he could ball, he could pass, he can handle.

  • He got a big body.

  • Could lean on you the whole bit.

  • He just can't jump onto a curve to save his damn life.

  • I mean, I got more hops than him.

  • And I got a bad knee for crying out loud.

  • Even though the needs getting better, keep me the point that I'm trying to make is at the end of the day that that's the problem.

  • He can't jump now against against, uh, Anthony Davis.

  • That's just not gonna work.

  • That's all I'm saying.

  • If I could do anything, it would be the bless him with just a shred of spec off lettuces and meaning hops just a little bit.

  • That's what I would do.

  • Well, if I could do anything for the Nuggets, if if I if I saw something in the stocking that I really needed to see is the Denver Nuggets.

  • You know how you say some guys need to play some defense?

  • I would like I would like a Porter Jr to just even become acquainted with the word defense just to learn how to pronounce the word defense.

  • If Porter Jr could even pronounce the word defense, the Nuggets could be something.

  • Oh, man, yeah, in rare form this morning, but it looked for the Nuggets to me.

  • I think it's Gary Harris.

  • We know what we're gonna way know what you're going to get out of Jamal Murray and big yogis.

  • Gary Harris has to be that third option guy, and he has to pick.

  • It's going up.

  • We know on the defensive end.

  • He's tough, knows he get into guys, but on the offensive end, he has to be better.

  • He has to give them Mawr of offensive impact.

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All right, Max.

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