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  • your favorite Max Kellerman CO y and those Clippers.

  • What should be a top The clips wish list on this Christmas morning.

  • Ain't no surprise here, Paul.

  • George got to show up in the playoffs.

  • Go see The Wizard of Oz.

  • If you have to do whatever you gotta do, Paul George shows up in the playoffs.

  • How about for quite to be a leader that works for me, for quite to be a leader?

  • I mean, listen, man, look, you got to be able to inspire he does his job.

  • He's phenomenal at his job.

  • But part of it now is being the face and the leader of the franchise, galvanizing troops, inspiring them.

  • You know what I'm saying?

  • Show some kind of game.

  • I'm quite sure he has a lovely woman in his life.

  • He Saturday he sit up there and looking at and say, Hey, come with me.

  • No, he was He did.

  • He did what he could to sit up there and sell himself.

  • I love you.

  • I want you need you come with me.

  • You know, do something to leave because that is what the Clippers need from Kawai.

  • Leonard, not just his 27 points per game.

  • Yeah, surprisingly, I'm looking at a guy like Nicolas Batum, whose long Who's athletic who could defend who could defend multiple positions.

  • And I'm looking for him to have a huge impact on this on this Clippers roster, just on the offensive end.

  • Being able to knock down shots on a consistent basis, that's all.

  • That's all the Clippers need from him being able to stretch the floor, knock down shots and be that elite defender that he's capable of being.

  • All right, let's get to the game on.

  • Probably most looking forward to guys, and that's gonna be Dallas.

  • We just said Mark Cuban on against LeBron in those Lakers Stephen A.

  • What should be on Big D's wish list this Christmas to find somebody else so they don't have to depend on poor Zynga's being healthy, because if you got to depend on him being healthy, I don't know how much of it that's not.

  • That's not a damn guarantee.

  • Now I know the brother 73 and he can ball.

  • I got mad respect for make no mistake about it, but I damn sure can't depend on him to be healthy, get some body to offset the inevitable injury that will come his way.

  • Because if there is a brother that is guaranteed to see a doctor, it's him.

  • Well, you might be right.

  • But then, in that case, the Mavs just have to pray.

  • Because how do you replace a 7 ft three unicorn that can bomb from the outside?

  • Take Biggs off the dribble, defend the rim?

  • And when he's healthy, defendants space.

  • He is a game changing, poor Zegas, the type of dude where GMs in the off season all have toe any conferences in What are we gonna do about that guy because you can't match up with them?

  • What do you do about poor Zynga's?

  • There's no replacing them.

  • They just have to hope for his health.

  • Well, I think with the Dallas Mavericks, you gotta look at Bronson.

  • This kid could flat out ball.

  • He wasn't healthy last year, but right now he's healthy and the Dallas Mavericks of how on him.

  • And he's a guy that you could throw in and could play on the side of Lucas because he don't need the ball in his hands to be effective.

  • He's a walking bucket.

  • He hey provides that that that's going impact off the bench.

  • So I'm looking at Bronson, have a hell of a year and have a huge impact with the Dallas Mavericks.

  • All right, let's get to the team they're playing.

  • That would be LeBron a D in the Lakers, the defending champs, Max the purple and gold.

  • What's on their list?

  • Yeah, look, the truth is people sleep on what Rondo did for them last year.

  • Playoff.

  • Rondo is gone.

  • He is riel, but he is gone.

  • Now.

  • They have to hope for playoff shrewder.

  • I mean, shrewder is an upgrade in the regular season.

  • By far.

  • That doesn't mean he can play like Rondo plays in the playoffs.

  • And if he can't and the Nets air there, that could actually spell doom for the Lakers playoff, Shrewder is what they have to hope for.

  • Listen, all they gotta hope for is for LeBron James to remain the ageless wonder.

  • He is 35 years of age, turning 36 this Wednesday, 18th season in the NBA, fresh off a leading the league in assist while averaging 25 a game.

  • This brother is on another level.

  • Make no mistake about it, ASL Ong as LeBron is the ageless one.

  • That he is the only person demonstrate that truth has to worry about is Dennis shrewder?

  • He don't act right.

  • He don't shoot, right?

  • It ain't gonna matter, LeBron No make up for it with a d.

  • What?

  • While I strongly believe that the Lakers need to be hoping and praying that Kyle Kuzma finally finally learns how to play the game of basketball the right way, Look, when he gets hot, we know that he could score, but passing him, making plays, him being a liability on the defensive end.

  • I'm looking for Kyle Kuzma to show some growth social maturity.

  • So if I'm the Lakers, that's what I'm wishing.

  • And banking, and hoping and praying on is that Kyle Koosman learns how to play the game of basketball the right way.

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your favorite Max Kellerman CO y and those Clippers.

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What should the Clippers wish for on Christmas? | First Take

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