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  • Hi there.

  • I'm Rachel Ray.

  • I got a little while ago, and, um, I have to do online traffic school.

  • This is the link that I was given after I paid my fee, which was $416.

  • I was going 85 in a 65.

  • I'm clicking now on home.

  • Study that all these to check some of these out.

  • All right.

  • Uh, got a ticket dot com boring.

  • Here's Aloha Traffic school with a very peanut looking pineapple.

  • Like that.

  • Um, happy traffic school.

  • Don't worry.

  • Be happy.

  • You comedy school for less.

  • Oh, that looks crappy.

  • Like it.

  • Forget GPS and anti lock brakes.

  • What the world really needs is a windshield wiper that won't hold Park it.

  • Boy, I think we found a winner off course.

  • It's obvious you can't drink while driving, but there's nothing in there that says he can't drink while you're in traffic school to guarantee you read the entire course.

  • We've positioned security jokes throughout the test to make sure that the actual violator and not someone else is taking the course.

  • I would never do that.

  • I would never do that while we're bored.

  • Here's a little tour of my desk.

  • A little Kleenex, pecs, dental flaws, hot sauce.

  • By the way, here's a photo of me and Conan and LaToya that my wife found in a file allow that hot sauce was hot.

  • A clothes pin.

  • I think you know why That's there.

  • Pretty signed headshots.

  • Wow.

  • I'm not gonna win.

  • This whole process could take somewhere around six hours.

  • We're obviously not gonna show you all of that.

  • So here just there's a little diversion.

  • Look at this.

  • Okay, that's it.

  • I'm ready to submit my answers, but there's one thing I want to do before I click.

  • Submit answers.

  • Yeah, I click.

  • You've passed with a 92 at whatever.

  • I'm done.

  • Yeah.

  • Congratulations.

  • Thank you.

  • Your turban.

Hi there.

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