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  • well.

  • Tomorrow night at Staples Center, the defending champion Lakers will be meeting Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers, who will be led by their new head coach and former Laker Tyronn Lue.

  • Your takes over for Doc Rivers and new plans to implement sets of triangle offense, hoping to use quien ways like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan Plate.

  • Kawai becomes a free agent or can be after this season, but he wants to keep the focus on now for my situation right now, I'm just focused on this season, you know what I mean?

  • I'm not saying I'm going anywhere else.

  • We're staying here, but I'm just focused on the season and, you know, obviously, for, uh, you know, if I stay healthy, um, the best decision is that the climate player option, but that doesn't mean I'm leaving or staying.

  • I'm focused on this season.

  • Like I said, we'll talk about that when the time is right.

  • Okay, let's welcome in N b.

  • A insider Brian White horse.

  • He joins us now to run through a number of topics on the eve of the new season.

  • So let's start with CO.

  • I saying right there, His best decision if he's healthy is to decline that player option.

  • Enter free agency after the season.

  • He's not saying he's leaving or staying.

  • How surprising is that admission for you?

  • Well, I just like how candid he is.

  • That is an exact, accurate analysis of what his situation is, and we don't often see players be that forthcoming about it, even though it's the reality.

  • And look, one of the reasons you signed a two plus one contract with as a free agent like oh I did was to keep the team uncomfortable.

  • And if you look at what the Clippers have done, they've made changes to this roster.

  • And as a zoo, you mentioned you're making changes to the offense.

  • They're gonna install a different offense for him.

  • Using triangle steps now co.

  • I was vocal at the end of last season about I wasn't happy about the Clippers were running how they weren't playing intelligent offensively.

  • Well, the triangle is an intelligent offense, and here they are catering to him, hoping to keep him happy.

  • All right, I think it's going to stun people how matter of fact he was, but as you say, it is true now, ahead of the Warriors Nets opener tonight.

  • Let's talk about that.

  • What are the expectations for Kevin Durant, given how well he's looked in Brooklyn's preseason games?

  • Well, in all the years I've covered the MBA, which is almost two full decades now, I've never seen a player look this good coming up in Achilles injury, as Kevin Durant has now, he's had the benefit of having over 500 days to recover.

  • We don't normally see that.

  • He also is a guy who doesn't rely on athleticism for his jump shot.

  • So he's particularly adaptive returning from this injury.

  • The expectations for the Nets this year.

  • Sky high.

  • Durant was maybe the most impressive player in the preseason, which is not something you ever hear about a guy coming off an Achilles, Ah, lot of excitement in Brooklyn about how he's going to start this season.

  • By the way, it's important to know for the Warriors.

  • Draymond Green is gonna be out tomorrow night with a foot injury, so that will make it difficult for them.

  • Now let's talk about James Harden.

  • I know you have more details on the heats interest, but first, let's hear from the Rockets.

  • Start today, James, now that you've been in camp for about a week, do you feel any better about this situation now than you did before you arrived?

  • Next question.

  • There's nothing like a good next question.

  • Brian.

  • With Houston's first game on Wednesday, what's the latest on that hardened trade market?

  • Yeah, well, the Miami Heat have made it known that they're pulling out of trade talks with the Rockets and we'll move forward.

  • I think this was a message, frankly, to their team.

  • More than anything else, they didn't want their young players like Tyler hero.

  • When Duncan Robinson, who've heard their names and trade rumors, I don't think they want him distracted at the start of the season.

  • And frankly, in the discussions that they've had, they haven't had much traction anyway.

  • Even either the Rockets nor the Heat felt that way.

  • So they're moving on now.

  • There are ongoing talks Philadelphia, Brooklyn and Denver among those teams, but the Rockets asking price is still high, and right now no team is willing is willing to meet it.

  • Ah, lot to think about on the eve of the MBA season, Brian would horse thanks thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.


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