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  • the biggest take away.

  • It was actually that the Mavs are an extremely well coached team.

  • I mean, we know Carlisle can coach, but what you see on the first game of the season without their second best player, who, by the way, is a 7 ft three inch monster who you can play five out with if you play him at the five or the four who can bomb from three.

  • Defend the rim defendant space completely changes the nature of the other team's offense when he's on the floor defensively and has not even really reached his full offensive potential yet.

  • You don't even have that guy on the floor, right?

  • And he was a beast in the playoffs to until he got hurt.

  • What you see from the Mavs is when a play doesn't work when it screens, busted.

  • Whatever it is, they go to the next play.

  • They have an answer for everything.

  • When the defense a just have an answer to the defense, they continually answer the defense.

  • And when you see that everyone's where they're supposed to be, the spacing is right.

  • Immediately it changes and it's right immediately again.

  • That's an extremely well coached team with a deep playbook that the players really understand.

  • The sons.

  • We're very talented.

  • They're talented team.

  • But when something doesn't work, maybe they have an answer that it breaks down into ISO ball.

  • Um, by the way, a lot of MBA teams air like that, not the Dallas Mavericks.

  • And that bodes extremely well for this team when poor Zynga's gets back.

  • Well, Max, I have to disagree for myself.

  • Watching the game Last night, my biggest take away was the Phoenix Suns.

  • They looked phenomenal on the defense of end.

  • They looked like a well coached team on the defensive end.

  • They held the Mavericks to 42% shooting from the field in 24% shooting from the three, and they didn't hope they missed.

  • They made them miss.

  • They could test every shot.

  • They was rotating, no defense.

  • They was playing boxes and elbows where they didn't have any driving gaps.

  • And I was looking at this team with this, with the mixture of, you know, to Vets and and Chris, Paul and and Jae Crowder, along with these young, mature stars and Devin Booker, McHale Bridges, um, Camp Johnson.

  • All these guys they mixed up and you could tell the depth bought in and on the offensive end, they were passing up good shots to get great shots.

  • That's a well coached team.

  • That means they have bought into Monty Williams system.

  • And when you look at what they did to the Dallas Mavericks, they made them take tough contested shots.

  • Yes, the Mavericks got to the free throw line of life.

  • Of course, the rest Bell Luca out time and time again, again calling fouls.

  • That wasn't fouls, but the.

  • But when the Mass made the made a run in the second half, guess what happened.

  • The Phoenix Suns didn't hang their head.

  • They weathered the storm.

  • I could count on numerous times that Devin Booker had wide open looks and they just didn't fall.

  • They did a great job of getting DeAndre, 18, involved on the low block.

  • He made nice post moves.

  • They had a great mixture.

  • They look like a well coached team, and the Phoenix Suns will be top five in the Western Conference.

  • Chris Paul makes it look, the leadership that he's bringing to that ball club.

  • What I say, I agree about the coaching on the defensive end for the sons.

  • They were.

  • They were getting after it, no doubt.

  • And obviously, when you have two ball dominant guys in your backcourt, both if they're not superstars, they're the next things to it at this different points in their careers in CP three.

  • And, of course, Devin Booker.

  • You want really three and D guys who could do that at a high level, and you mentioned it Cam Johnson and Mikhail Bridges or those guys.

  • Crowder is a very versatile player, and when your question mark in terms of what he's gonna do is DeAndre, 18, the number one pick who's already a good player but maybe could be a really, really good player not too long from now.

  • That's all legit To point that out.

  • I'm saying the Mavericks were playing against that team without their second best player by far, and what jumped out to me was how well coached they are when you look at that team and the way they're on offense.

  • Yes, perk.

  • I'm talking about offense when you look at that team and you see even Luca with a bad game like Luca was passing up open driving lanes where he really had an easy bucket for the step back threes, right?

  • And maybe at this point this season, he's trying to get it going a little bit and seeing what he could do.

  • But I agree.

  • I thought he was making some mental errors on offense, but we all know Luca is a brilliant player that's not gonna continue all season.

  • Doing a James Harden imitation when he should be doing something actually more productive than that in the moment.

  • And when you consider that Luca can play much better than that, and that was without Porzingis, look out for this Dallas team.

  • Max.

  • There's no way in hell you and I could have watched had was watching the same game last night because what I saw was I saw a lot of ISO ball out of the Dallas Mavericks here.

  • Luca, go make a play.

  • Go one on one here, Bronson, go one on one, try to take him down the lane and get shots.

  • Matter of fact, when the Dallas Mavericks, when they opened when the second half started, Tim Hardaway Jr was in transition and they hit too wide open threes in transition.

  • It wasn't playsets that was being called.

  • They played more I so bald than the Phoenix Suns and my I mean, Max, let me give you Let me give you a little insight of what's going on in the NBA.

  • 80% off the offense and the NBA is pick and rolls.

  • And I thought the Phoenix Suns did a great job off selling down, calling up for screens DeAndre eight and running up into pick and rolls for Chris Paul and Devin Booker getting them downhill, getting a wide open shots to driving kicks.

  • That's good basketball now on the defensive end, they locked the maths up.

  • So if you're going to give credit to Rick Carlisle and what he did for us, him coaching, then you damn show got to give credit to Monty Williams.

  • I thought that what you're saying is true as the game wore on, um, in terms of both sides of the ball for the Phoenix Suns.

  • And it's not that I'm taking credit away from Phoenix.

  • But for the most part in that game, what was very obvious is that the Mavericks spacing and recovery and answers to everything Phoenix was doing told you that is an exceptionally well coached team on offense.

  • When they get poor Zynga's back, it's gonna be a problem.

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the biggest take away.

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Max & Kendrick Perkins' takeaways from Suns vs. Mavericks | First Take

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