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  • I think some of the damage I did

  • is probably permanent as far as like an enlarged heart.

  • Yeah.

  • I don't want to go back and bodybuild.

  • I'm not looking for that.

  • I'm looking for how long can I live, right?

  • I mean if you look around this office, who's here?

  • It's old man.

  • It's like why am I here?

  • I'm freaking 37.

  • I mean something's wrong, right?

  • Jeff has been under the care of a cardiologist

  • for the past year.

  • Ever since doctors treating his steroid infection also

  • discovered signs of heart failure.

  • So, Doctor, because Jeff took testosterone

  • for so many years--

  • Right.

  • Now his body doesn't produce it naturally.

  • And he actually has to take testosterone to stay healthy.

  • Right.

  • This is the unfortunate irony for guys that are looking

  • to become superhuman per say.

  • They end up in a point where, again,

  • they obliterate their body's own ability

  • to produce testosterone.

  • Today, Jeff will be getting the results to see if his heart

  • has bounced back to normal.

  • So there's two main things that we

  • are evaluating with that echo.

  • One is your systolic function which

  • is the squeezing function.

  • And that was the one that was mildly reduced last time

  • you were here.

  • That actually does not look significantly different.

  • OK.

  • So it still looks a little bit sluggish.

  • Yep.

  • But there's another parameter that we

  • look at which is the relaxation function of the heart.

  • Right.

  • And that was also quite abnormal last time you

  • got here.

  • That looks significantly better.

  • OK.

  • OK.

  • You know we're not at the point where I'd say your heart looks

  • normal, unfortunately.

  • Right.

  • I think you should sort of get your mind around the fact

  • that you're probably going to be on long term medication.

  • I worry about Jeff's longevity.

  • His heart actually hasn't bounced back to normal.

  • And the longer we see it, that sort of suggests that something

  • permanent has happened there.

  • And if he started taking steroids again?

  • Not a good idea.

  • We heard from a lot of people that say that there

  • is a safe way of doing this.

  • The people that have gotten hurt is because they

  • didn't know what they were doing,

  • and they were taking too much, or--

  • but there is actually a safe way to do this.

  • Right.

  • What do you think?

  • I think those people are kidding themselves.

  • The best data that we have are autopsy studies.

  • That means someone died.

  • Jeff, frankly, is lucky.

  • There's lots and lots of case reports

  • of young guys having heart attacks

  • and having strokes, sudden death.

  • So your first symptom is dying.

I think some of the damage I did

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The Side Effects of Steroids | Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller

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