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  • absolutely.

  • The doors close and I agree with you, Steven.

  • And it's not just because of the Lakers.

  • Just look at the Western Conference and how much better the teams and organizations got.

  • Just look at the Portland Trail Blazers.

  • They got better.

  • One could say that they're better than the Clippers.

  • Look at the Denver Nuggets.

  • They got better.

  • One could say that they're better than the Clippers and look at Golden State, although Clay Thompson is out getting Kelly you break Still have Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green?

  • Steph Curry, Loony, Who's underrated player in my eyes, past guy who's on the bench.

  • You look at all these teams and they got better To me.

  • They had a significant upgrade more than the Clippers.

  • And when I look at the Clippers, they window of opportunity was last year.

  • Let me not count out the Dallas Mavericks, man, uh, Max, your team.

  • And when you look at the Clippers, I think the worst thing that happened to the Clippers in the bubble was that although the Dallas Mavericks lost, Lucas showed the world that the Clippers was all bark and no bite the way he went toe for toe for them, taking them to six games without his robin when when posing has got hurt in the second game, I believe it was and was out for the rest of the Siri's.

  • Luca made that interested, and what he did was he showed the world that I could take on these perimeter guys that y'all calling some dogs by myself.

  • So it gains.

  • It, made other teams gain confidence.

  • And then, God knows with Jamal Murray did to him and coming back down, 31 No one is scared of the Clippers anymore.

  • No one is scared of them.

  • People are looking at the Clippers saying You know what y'all suffered in some high Twinkies and they ready to attack them.

  • So it's not just the Lakers being a clear cut favorite.

  • It's everyone in the West that then got better this offseason.

  • Look, if you're talking about this upcoming season, I agree with you.

  • I don't think the Clippers or the second, or even the biggest threat to the Lakers in the Western Conference in this upcoming season.

  • But look at Kawai and Paul Georgia's ages.

  • They should have years ahead of them Is elite players, particularly kuai given the level he can play and Paul George, at least in the regular season.

  • And then you have to look at the kind of moves the front office is capable of making.

  • So I brought up Luke Kennard like this.

  • So what?

  • They gave up shaman who can shoot.

  • But that's it.

  • Cunard's actually a better scorer.

  • He's only 23 years old.

  • And if he can stay healthy, you got him on the cheap.

  • I bring up Lou Williams, who's 1/6 man of the Year, really perennially should be the sixth man of the year.

  • Every year.

  • Uh, you brought up Ibaka.

  • You brought up Morris.

  • If you bring in a guy like an aging veteran who's still effective at some point in the next several years, who can run the point?

  • Suddenly you think of this team differently, Max.

  • All of that talking, all of that synopsis.

  • You just you just go.

  • Just bypass.

  • No facial expression, no animation, no nothing to the fact that Kendrick Perkins called the Clippers.

  • Soft is hot Twinkies.

  • You're just gonna just just gloss over that you don't get There's nothing inside of you that made you pause and say Wait a minute.

  • Did he just say they soft this hot Twinkies?

  • Is that what Kendrick Perkins said?

  • Because that's what I heard.

  • You're just gonna gloss over there?

  • He Let me tell you something.

  • Everyone knows the Clippers underachieved this past season.

  • They're not gonna play worse than that.

  • But soft is hot.

  • Twinkies.

  • Yeah, that's what the Western Conference is thinking.

  • It's up to the Clippers to prove them wrong, but they don't just have this year to do it.

  • They have years ahead of I'm just saying, Pay attention to it.

  • So softness hot Twinkies wasn't gonna gloss over that.

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Stephen A.: Did Kendrick Perkins just call the Clippers 'soft as hot Twinkies'?! | First Take

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