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  • the N B A.

  • Announced today that the Milwaukee Bucks violated league rules concerning the timing of this season's free agency discussions, and the league has rescinded the Bucks 2022 2nd round pick as a result.

  • Here's part of the league statement on the penalty in regards to the Bogdan Bogdanovich situation that lead conducted on investigation into whether the Bucks had discussions with Bogdan Bogdanovic and or his agent regarding a free agent contract prior to the date when such discussions were permitted.

  • The investigation concluded that early discussions did in fact occur, constituting conduct detrimental to the MBA.

  • The penalty took into account the Bucks cooperation with the investigation, the absence of evidence of any impermissible early agreement on terms of a contract between the Bucks and Bogdanovich and the fact that the team ultimately did not sign Bogdanovich.

  • So, Coach, is this a fair punishment from the league?

  • Yeah, I think I think it is.

  • And, uh, you know, I wouldn't discount a second round pick.

  • I know a lot of people like, Oh, well, that's not a big deal, and it doesn't, you know, really affect him.

  • But four years ago, they drafted Malcolm Brogdon, uh, in the second round.

  • So you know, the second round picks could turn into something pretty big if you are very good at combing through college basketball.

  • Overall, though, it shows that they were serious about keeping you honest because they were willing to get a little bit ahead of themselves to go talk to him.

  • And, you know, you could see the results.

  • Now, you honestly staying home and, uh, you know, I'm happy for him.

  • But you could see Milwaukee was serious about getting out ahead of this thing and trying to keep him there.

  • Yeah, Coach, that they were serious.

  • And so I got a quote, my buddy, uh, Tim MacMahon Band.

  • McMahon, who said on Twitter, If that's the penalty, they might as well cancel the whole second round because everybody's gonna start doing this and that.

  • That's the downside.

  • This The reality is they said it's because they cooperated.

  • Okay, alright, that's nice, because they didn't end up with the player.

  • I don't know how that you know that that's supposed toe be better.

  • I think you know, attempt was clearly there to tamper.

  • And so the big thing here is that regardless of what kind of pick it wasn't, by the way.

  • Second round pick from Milwaukee.

  • We're talking 56 57 58 59 or 60th in the draft, so it may not really make a difference.

  • But the idea is what is the downside for me?

  • Tampering, engaging in Tampa?

  • And remember, this didn't come out because of an investigation.

  • This came out because the Bucks leaked to media sources who then reported the story.

  • So if the story hadn't been reported they hadn't leaked voluntarily to the media, then they wouldn't even have gotten caught.

  • So, to me, I was a little surprised that the league let them off that easily for something that was almost a foolproof plan.

  • Fist to your point, though, those second round picks are valuable and yeah, I mean, they could be 59 or 60 but Isaiah Thomas was once, I believe, the 60th pick in the draft.

  • You know Taylor Horton Tucker, who everyone's talking about right now with the Lakers, was the 46 picking that So right, those second round picks are valuable.

  • We saw kid in Miami.

  • Qazi Akpala is a second round pick like these second round picks with the teams that know how to develop talent can be really fruitful.

  • Absolutely.

  • And so that's why I say I get where I mean, it's coming from from the standpoint of there should maybe B'more.

  • But let's be honest.

  • You know, a lot of this stuff is happening behind the scenes.

  • They leaked it and it was almost like they wanted people to know that.

  • And you wanted you honest to no man.

  • Look, this is how far we was going to get, you know, because why else would that information leak out of the building?

  • So, you know, I understand where he's coming from with that, but I do know that there is great great value and second round picks.

  • If you really understand how to come through it, they did want to show you, and it's all the love and he got the love.

  • Certainly he got that big deal.

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the N B A.

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The Bucks have been punished by the NBA for their Bogdan Bogdanovic talks | The Jump

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