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  • So on Saturday nights, with absolutely no notice, our prime minister here decided to put the region of London and 16 million Britons into a Tier four locked down.

  • What is to your for you say, Well, that's what we all asked ourselves, because we had never heard of this concept of two or four, and we had been told three days earlier by the same man that's canceling Christmas would be quote unquote human.

  • He said that in the House of Commons and then at one of those last minute Saturday night news conferences that we've grown tragically so used to in this country, he decided to defy his own department of health.

  • From what I've been told on the inside and lock the entire region down, his own Department of Health told him, This is probably going to increase transmissions as we saw hordes of people running to the train station to try to get out of a region that was gonna be locked down, maybe for a month, maybe for two months, maybe for three months at the same time.

  • While they do this, they signal to the world there's a new strain of virus, and I don't think they thought very much about this because this whole decision was based on the sage group, which is not really full of scientists.

  • It's really so full of behavioral scientists.

  • And now on the back of that knee jerk reaction, this comedy of theirs we've seen so many times before France decided to shut down the border to keep this new strain from infecting the world.

  • So again, our government, which we've grown to just trust, you know, throughout our childhoods and going into adulthood that they just know what the right thing to do.

  • They wear their suits, they went to good schools.

  • They come from these big parties.

  • They obviously must know what they're doing.

  • They can't be totally incompetent on yet.

  • The truth is, they are, they really are.

  • And our current prime minister is bumbling.

  • And the problem is, is it's costing lives not only in the fact of what's happening now, with people not getting access to the NHS.

  • There are Children starving here in London.

  • UNICEF is now feeding poor Children in London.

  • You heard me right.

  • UNICEF is usually the organization that goes into Third World countries, places like Africa to feed starving Children.

  • They're now speeding, starving Children in southern Ah, borough, just south of the river here.

  • This is what happens when you have incompetent leadership and people that are caught up in strange agendas associated with political parties.

  • And honestly, that all needs to change.

  • We need some independent leadership.

  • We need a concept with the best idea wins where we actually listen to the science as opposed to the policy going and hunting down the data.

  • That fits some strange policy.

  • And I feel for everybody that's out there who is just frustrated who doesn't buy into what this is happening.

  • Uh, Trevor Kavanagh from The Sun wrote an article today that said, uh, they've cried wolf too many times, and it's true.

  • Nobody buys into these measures.

  • There were police officers right here, A told street tube station.

  • When I came in this morning on the two police officers, I think, to try to impose a presence in case I was thinking about leaving town and breaking the travel restrictions of tear.

  • For this is what this has come Thio and it's absolutely ridiculous and nonsensical.

  • And yet we've been trained like Pavlovian dogs.

  • Thio jump when they say how high and they throw a bunch of case numbers in our face on.

  • We're supposed to use that as a number thio change our entire lives on, and it's just not true.

  • But we've slowly bought into all these narratives over the past nine months, and now they're literally yanking our chain like animals, and I just need to call this out.

  • The problem is, is that all of the leaders seem to be locked, marching in lockstep to this narrative that has been conjured out of thin air.

  • Someone's got to stand up in the room and yell at the top of our lungs.

  • Wake up.

  • Everybody needs to wake up, and that's what we need to do right now.

  • So obviously, I think we need new leadership.

  • We need new ideas.

  • We need to take London in a new direction.

  • We need to use a science based decision making process.

  • I know that sounds strange way.

  • Need a proportionate response to the virus, protect those that are vulnerable, allow everyone else to get on with their lives and create all of these Resource is that allow us to have great health care, great technology great education for our Children.

  • This stuff doesn't come out of thin air.

  • I can point you countries in this world that don't have these resource is they're not in the G seven.

  • They're not in the G 20 and it's because they are not working in the way that we work in a city like London and we need real leadership.

  • We need leaders that could take responsibility for their actions and make a call.

  • Not be constantly worried about the latest scientists, the latest article, the latest narrative that might not get them elected.

  • They need to think long term.

  • And, um, that's why I'm putting my ideas out there.

  • So please leave your comments below.

  • Are you frustrated with this bumbling process from our leadership?

  • Are you frustrated with this tier for a lock down?

  • Do you believe this could last months or years?

  • I know that sounds crazy, but who's to say we won't be in this situation in Christmas 2021 Christmas 2022 in Christmas?

  • 2023.

  • Unless we get some real leadership, leave me your comments below Let's take London a new direction, shall we?

  • Let's make this city world class once again.

  • That's what I wanna do.

So on Saturday nights, with absolutely no notice, our prime minister here decided to put the region of London and 16 million Britons into a Tier four locked down.

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