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  • hello everyone it's jennifer from tarle speech  with your mini christmas series we have two words  

  • today that are homophones again we have slay  which means to kill um or to amuse or impress  

  • and sleigh which is a sled for  passengers pulled by horses or  

  • reindeer so let's take a look  at these words we have sleigh  

  • and slay so to say these words correctly  we only have to focus on three sounds today

  • so we're going to start with that s sound to do  this the tip of your tongue is either pointed down  

  • or right behind the top front teeth that is  not touching and the air is going to continue  

  • to move out of your mouth next  touch the tip of your tongue to  

  • the back of your top front teeth for that l sound

  • you can see i'm keeping my lips in about the  same position as i do this doing that will help  

  • you avoid adding an extra vowel between those two  sounds if you are a spanish speaker and some other  

  • speakers from different other language backgrounds  do this be sure to not add an extra sound before  

  • the s it is not eslay it's just slay and then  we're going to end with that long a we're going  

  • to do that by opening the mouth wide and then  moving a smile and that will help your tongue  

  • shift from the bottom of the mouth nice to the top  and nice and flat so let's put that all together  

  • lay slay slay slay slay slay and now forsentence santa will slay and impress in his new  

  • shiny sleigh and i hope that he comes to visit you  and brings you everything that you're wishing for  

  • this year so if you found this helpful please give  us a like and a share spread some christmas cheer  

  • with your friends if you're looking for some more  help you can check out our products on google play  

  • itunes and all of our class options at tarle  speech thanks so much everyone merry christmas

hello everyone it's jennifer from tarle speech  with your mini christmas series we have two words  

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How to Pronounce SLEIGH ? & SLAY ? American English Christmas Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2020/12/22
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