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  • the Lakers are gonna win the whole thing, and I'll pick them against the field without hesitation.

  • The only thing that could stop them is a catastrophic injury.

  • Knock.

  • Wood basketball is not like football or baseball.

  • Basketball is determinative.

  • And when you get like, the best team almost always wins because you can run your bet, your plays through your best players.

  • It's not like baseball.

  • You gotta wait for the guy to come up in the lineup or football.

  • One whistle can vastly change the fortunes of a team.

  • You know, there are so many plays in basketball, the best players dominate.

  • And then it's not even like the tournament where it's one and done where maybe you could get upset.

  • It's seven games, almost always.

  • The best team wins, and I'm gonna go ahead and say that the best team is the team that I just saw.

  • Go wire to Wire is the best team in the Western Conference and then, once the playoffs start started, never really got extended.

  • 414 I mean that in the finals they won 42 but the West couldn't get more than a game out of them, right?

  • Per Siri's.

  • So I'm gonna say that, Yes, they'll miss Rondo come playoff time, but shrewder in the regular seasons in upgrade Montrose.

  • Harold is like an old school power forward and Energizer guy.

  • Um, they have everything they need and more than in terms surrounding LeBron and A D.

  • But guys in the history of the n ba when you have the best player in the world paired with another top five player, when have they ever lost?

  • Like the exception that proves the rule?

  • Maybe you could find one or two cases they almost always win.

  • There's no other pairing like that in the n b A.

  • We say that guy is the best, and that guy's a top five player.

  • The Lakers are going to beat the field and win the championship.

  • Barring injury.

  • Yeah, I think I agree with you that they are the best team.

  • And if I had to pick one team to win the championship with the Lakers and you left out the Wesley Matthews edition, which I think is huge because he's gonna be able to hit spot up shots, he's gonna get a ton of open shots in that situation.

  • But the problem is, you said, barring catastrophic injury, it doesn't have to be catastrophic.

  • Just has to be injury at a particular moment.

  • They don't win the championship without both A D and LeBron James.

  • I think that either one of them, considering LeBron's age and his injury a couple of years ago and A D, frankly, has had a lot of injuries, and it happens with guys that air that size and somehow managed to have the skills of a guard at the same time.

  • It's difficult to stay healthy, so an injury at the wrong time hurts this team.

  • But I would pick them still, considering that over everybody else if we had to pick one team.

  • But you're getting me.

  • You're giving me the entire rest of the MBA like this league is not a bunch of slouches is the most talented MBA that we've ever seen, and the talent is pretty well dispersed.

  • Like we could think of Portland and the Nuggets are team that I think a lot of people should be excited about.

  • If Michael Porter Jr is able to make that jump, he's a guy who could give a decent problems on defensive.

  • I guess if he learns how to play defense and then also he can score and they have Yokich and Murray like that's a team that can threaten them in the West.

  • We also have on the Eastern Conference we have.

  • The 70 Sixers have added some shooting and curry and also Danny Green.

  • The last time they had shooting around them, they were a couple bounces away from going to the Finals.

  • You bring in dock also, who's, um, experienced coach was a championship coach.

  • And assuming that Embiid and Simmons can stay healthy like that is a pair that you would not be ashamed to match up against LeBron and A D.

  • With the athleticism and the defense that Simmons brings, he could give LeBron some trouble.

  • And obviously Embiid is an offensive threat and it's big enough to contest some of the things that A D wants to do.

  • So I would agree with you.

  • The Lakers are the best team, but you're giving me the whole field.

  • I just went through a few teams.

  • I didn't even touch on Brooklyn and Katie is going to come back and be as good as he was before he left There's so many teams out there that it's just hard for me.

  • Thio give up the whole field for just one team when we know that any one moment something could happen that could throw this team out of whack.

  • Well, Dominique, look, look, man, I feel sorry for you today and, brother, you should have picked up the phone and call me because you off your game right now.

  • Because if you think and any chance for any moment that the Denver Nuggets could be a threat to the Los Angeles Lakers are any team, I would say the team that comes the closest of being a threat to them right now from my eye test.

  • Just watching them in the preseason is the Brooklyn Nets.

  • But when you look at the Los Angeles Lakers, they have the most championship experience.

  • They have the best duo in the N B.

  • A.

  • The best duo in my opinions is Kobe and Shaq, and then on top of that, they have the most championship experience.

  • They have veteran leadership and now you and guys like you, said Wes Matthews Ah, guy that could provide a defensive spark on one end and be and is capable of knocking down three point shots.

  • Caldwell Pope, who who struggled last regular season but elevated his game tremendously in the playoffs mantra as Harold, who has a lot to prove him and Anthony Davis in the front court, will be a will be tremendous on the defense event because what people don't realize about Montreal's hair is that last year he finished top 10 and protecting the basket.

  • He finished top 10 and taking charges.

  • He's a guy that could switch one through five.

  • And so you give that combination with him and Anthony Davis, who, in my opinion, Anthony Davis should have one defensive player of the year.

  • Now you have those two on the court at the same time to mobile bigs on the defensive end that could do it all and protect one another.

  • That's a dangerous combination, and I know that Max, I gave you your time to talk and I finished speaking.

  • Hey, and when you look when you look at LeBron James, don't come giving me nothing about his age and all the season is right back here.

  • He only had two months off, so it's not like you know we're going in tow.

  • Hope if it was three years from now, I get that.

  • But LeBron is just fine.

  • He's gonna come out on the mission and, like you said Dennis Schroder, And let's not we keep what are we not bringing up a whole roster?

  • Parker.

  • Yeah, I am gonna mention the whole roster because that's how deep they, that's how deep they are.

  • And then guess what?

  • You didn't gave Anthony Davis a taste of what it feels like toe that he know that he could be the best player any time.

  • Anthony Davis is actually my M V P pick for this season, because this is a guy that has no balls off defensively, no flaws defensively.

  • And he's coming in as a NBA champion, just hitting this prime at 27 years old.

  • It's over for everybody else.

  • I'm picking the lake.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

the Lakers are gonna win the whole thing, and I'll pick them against the field without hesitation.

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